“As all legal requirements go, these are not just in place to protect the player. They also show the status of the companies and the trustworthiness of the services they provide,” noted Martina Hrabinska, CCO of Synot Games, when elaborating on the opportunities presented by UK Gambling Commission approval.

Towards the end of January, the online casino developer pinpointed the company’s receipt of a supplier licence from the UKGC as a ‘huge step’ as the igaming supplier sought to gain approval to integrate its content in the region.

Hrabinska continued to highlight that the approval will ‘open up a multitude of opportunities’. She added: “It also shows our existing partners that the portfolio which already operates in other countries is now available for players on the new UK market for the very first time.

“We have proven ourselves also to new cooperation with tier one partners and showed that we are a reliable partner to be signed with. But the biggest door it opens is the UK market on its own.

“We are looking forward to seeing the local players enjoy our games as much as they are enjoyed in other countries. We at Synot Games see this opportunity which opened up as a strong growth potential for us as a newcomer.”

Moving on to what Synot can offer the UK audience following the regulatory nod, Hrabinska explained that gaining access to the UK market was a ‘key goal’ for the company resulting in Synot ‘preparing to adjust some of the prepared content, yet insisted on not revealing ‘any specifics’.

“However, we have a strong portfolio of over 60 games that are well known and liked in other countries,” she stated. “We are excited to see how our strong titles like Respin Joker, Book of Secrets or our fruit series will be enjoyed by the UK player community.

“Our newest developed titles are still taking a foothold in the world and I know that one day they will be at the top of the favourite lists of many players. Our biggest challenge as it always will be player engagement which we are tackling this year with new features and added playability.” 

Explaining the process to gain approval from the Commission, Hrabinska noted achieving the certification was ‘long and challenging’.

“After a thorough preparation phase during which we were on pins and needles we have started the process of applying. The waiting for the end result or any changes that we might need to do was excruciating however in the end we received an early Christmas gift,” it is added.

“Synot Games’ entire portfolio has been already certified, hence our top titles such as Books of Secrets, Respin Joker, Fruit Awards and newest releases – 243 Mexicana, Monkey Slots, Joker 50 Deluxe – are now available for licensed operators in the UK market. 

“Thankfully nothing out of the ordinary has come up that would slow our licensing process and we were well prepared for each step.”

Hrabinska went on to highlight which operators will be the first to market Synot Games content to the UK players, noting that the first will be the company’s ‘already established clients’.

“These trusted clients with whom we cooperate in different other regions will definitely welcome our content for the UK sector,” she concluded.

“Not to also forget our sales department which since the news came started to chase up all potential clients which were only waiting for this to happen. Synot Games branching out into the UK is a big step forward and our growth will only start to show itself. We hope that it will be all a smooth ride and great new relationships will be kept and established.”