Online casinos and sportsbooks need proven tools and methods for bringing in new players and turning them into loyal ones, according to Slotegrator

In a new ebook entitled ‘The ultimate guide to online casino marketing’, Slotegrator highlights the reasons why an effective marketing strategy is the key to success within the igaming market.

Gambling businesses’ customers move through the same funnel as in every other business. That’s why Slotegrator’s new ebook follows a classic marketing framework: Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, and Retention. 

First impressions

Spreading awareness is crucial to building a brand. Traditional advertising methods like TV and radio can reach a broad audience, but while these can promise a wide viewership, there’s no guarantee it will be a relevant one. Furthermore, regulators in many markets place limits on these forms of advertising. 

Slotegrator’s ebook covers how sponsorships — starting with sporting events but branching into other areas — can help a brand reach a more interested audience. It’s also important for potential players to first hear about a brand from a trusted source, which is why PR campaigns and influencer partnerships are essential. 

Expanding their web presence is a must for any online business. But given all the competition they face, raising their profile on search engines can present quite a challenge for new online casino brands. 

Ranking high on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is especially important in markets with restrictions on traditional advertising for gambling businesses. Online gambling sites have to be properly calibrated to perform well in organic searches so potential players can find them. Proper Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), including creating quality content and building the right backlinks, will build domain authority and increase traffic while appealing to the right audience. 

Aside from raising their stature in the eyes of search engines, online gambling sites can build their web presence with digital advertising. 

Pay-per-click ads are popular for a reason — the top results on every SERP are paid ads. But bidding on the same ads as everyone else won’t yield any results. Online casinos need to bid on the right keywords so that their ads are shown to the audience most likely to click on them and their ad spend isn’t wasted. But choosing which keywords to bid on is more complicated than it seems at first glance, which is why the ebook closely analyzes keyword research. 

After catching players’ attention, a casino brand needs to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack. The next stage in the customer journey is more targeted, zeroing in on demographics with a higher likelihood of signing up and playing. 

The power of persuasion

Many forms of advertising aim to reach as broad an audience as possible. Social media ads, on the other hand, can be tailored to your target audience with laser precision. However, cutting through the noise on social media is an uphill battle, which is why the ebook breaks down key demographic considerations for marketing across social media channels. 

The right social media campaign can also ensure that your potential players have as many chances as possible to lay their eyes on your logo. 

With the rise in social media, the use of affiliate marketing strategies has also increased – now becoming an integral part of the igaming industry. 

By using content creators like streamers and bloggers, casino portals can develop huge followings of players who trust their opinions. Tapping into affiliates’ traffic is one of the most common ways for igaming platforms to build their player base, so the ebook dives into the details of how to arrange mutually beneficial relationships with affiliates and cooperate with the right affiliate programs.

The moment of truth

All of a casino’s efforts to attract new visitors to the site are for nothing if it doesn’t have instant appeal. In a blink of the eye, an online casino website has to prove it’s worth players’ time and money. 

Part of an inviting frontend is easy navigation and UX, from a well-organized game portfolio to a quick and simple registration form. Thinking through the website’s design from the player’s perspective is instrumental in deciding what buttons go where, which game titles they see first, and what color scheme is the most inviting. 

Once players land on a casino platform and take a look around, they often need one last nudge before they’re ready to start an account. 

Bonuses are a well-known tool for encouraging players to sign up by giving them a low-risk opportunity to try out your site. But more than one casino has faced major problems by using them improperly. The trick lies in crafting offers that balance an appealing bonus with the right terms and conditions to prevent abuse. 

Keeping them happy

Winning a new player is just the beginning. In the world of igaming, longevity is the name of the game — and it’s a tough one to win, given how easy it is for players to switch to another platform. With the right retention strategies, online casinos and sportsbooks can turn a new sign-up into a long-term player.

No matter what people might say, email will never die. Email (re)marketing can be used to re-target potential leads and build a relationship with current clients, with the option of sending emails based on players’ history and preferences increasing the chances you won’t end up in their spam folder. 

Personalisation is also fast becoming standard throughout the industry. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can increase player engagement  and lengthen player lifetime by tailoring every element of the gaming experience to their tastes. 

VIP and loyalty programs are often the backbone of player retention. A well-structured loyalty program gives players an incentive to stay on your platform that increases over time. Structuring a loyalty program properly — with the right benefits at the right tiers of the hierarchy — can motivate players to make bigger deposits, spend more time on the site, and extend their relationship with the casino.   

The ultimate guide to online casino marketing

Well-executed player acquisition and retention techniques can be the difference between a casino that thrives for years and one that goes under soon after launch. 

Download Slotegrator’s ebook to start building a marketing strategy for your online casino.