Back in April, Bitcoin made the news once again for reaching record highs – with one BTC worth over $60,000 USD on 16 April. It should therefore come as no surprise that many industries, including the online casino sector, are increasingly beginning to tap into the world of crypto technologies.

But firstly, what is crypto? Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain. In simple terms, blockchain technology is basically a public ledger which has been designed to provide details about transactions.

It is a decentralised system, meaning there is no bank or facility where it is located. A transaction is also known as a block, which may help you understand the system. The transactions cannot be deleted or removed, and they are available all the time, for every single block.

TheLadyCrypto is no exception to the companies realising the growing potential of bitcoin and wider cryptocurrencies. Self-described as offering “truly honest and insightful analyses of the web’s top crypto gambling websites”, the online review site explained that bonuses and a wide range in games can help elevate the player experience.

So how can crypto casino operators improve the player experience?


Bonus offers have often been used as a means of attracting new and existing players to an operator’s site, whether that be using free spins, a free bet or a boost to a player’s odds. According to a spokesperson at TheLadyCrypto, these types of offers can really help elevate the player’s experience and help drive both engagement and retention.

He said: “There are so many different bonuses out there that you can sign up to, so operators should really ensure that they have the best possible offers.  

“Websites like TheLadyCrypto usually have an up-to-date list of bonuses and promotions so it’s worth looking to see what is already on offer. This can help you work out a way for your offering to stand out from the crowd – helping players get the most for their money.”

Clear rules for players

Every bitcoin casino has different rules for its players, which can sometimes cause confusion for those wanting to bet. It’s therefore fundamentally important to make players aware of what it is they are signing up for before they play games such as bitcoin dice.

“Players need to be aware of rules such as wagering requirements and deposit limits prior to placing a bet,” he continued. “They should also be able to access information on which games count towards any wagering requirements. The more information the player has, the more likely they are to enjoy their experience and keep coming back.”

Things to consider

From a player perspective, one of the benefits associated with the use of bitcoin is that crypto betting platforms allow you to withdraw your funds instantly – compared to sometimes having to wait several hours on traditional gambling platforms. This is alongside the added security and transparency of using crypto casinos. 

Looking at the rising use of bitcoin across the betting and gaming industry, TheLadyCrypto is confident that this form of fun will become more and more appealing in the near future, as both players and operators realise the benefits of cryptocurrencies.