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FunFair Games: AstroBoomers: To The Moon!

The gen Y&Z audience is not being catered for with the current portfolio of content that operators showcase, according to Lloyd Purser, COO of FunFair Games.

Following the network-wide launch of the company’s real-money multiplayer title, AstroBoomers: To the Moon!, Purser sat down with CasinoBeats reporter, James Ross, to talk about the title and the inspiration behind it, all whilst playing at the same time. 

Adding to his point on aiming for the Gen Y&Z audience, Purser noted: “I think in the live casino experience and sports betting, there is a wider portfolio of content that is multiplayer or would cater to the needs that they have, whereas if you look at casino tabs it’s mainly single player content. Slots are obviously huge and they’re not engaging with the single player slots as the older generations do. It’s as simple as that.  

“We believe that the time is right for some innovation and a different style of games to come into the casinos which caters to the younger audience who are unique as they would have been playing video games which are online and social, playing against and with others. That’s an experience they’re used to and would expect so we feel the multiplayer element of these games, and the active participation, is really important.”

Distributed via RGS Matrix’s ‘out of the box’ server, AstroBoomer: To the Moon! Takes communities of like-minded players on an intergalactic adventure, with ‘otherworldly’ prizes of up to x2,500 available to those who eject from the rocket at the right time.

The crash-style title’s network-wide launch follows an exclusive debut with Betsson Group, featuring prominently on the homepage across many of the company’s major brands, including Betsson, Betsafe, Nordicbet and Casinoeuro. 

Delving further into the title, Purser emphasised that, whilst it’s a crash game in essence, it is a title which FunFair has made in its ‘own ilk’. He added: “For anyone who doesn’t know what a crash game is, it really came into fruition in the crypto world… they’re multiplayer games with a single outcome where you have multiple players playing against the house. 

“It’s a really simple game where you place a bet and the multiplier increases and you have to crash out before it crashes. It’s like a game of chicken really!”

He continued: “It’s pretty exciting. Exciting with its simplicity, exciting that it’s a multiplayer game, playing with other people and although no one has an impact on anyone else’s outcome, everybody is playing against the house. 

“These are the pillars of what we are building on our multiplayer games which is that they are social, active and the games have a simplicity.”

Pressed on the future of multiplayer titles within the igaming space, Purser emphasised that gamification is an important part of the process. The COO continued: “If you can bring in those elements of competitiveness, tournaments, leaderboards and those elements that will create more engagement and give people more skill in the game. If you look at any of that then it’s going to enhance it. 

“It’s easier to do in a multiplayer game, slot tournaments do exist and so forth, yet the fact you can see what everybody else is doing in the same room, like in AstroBoomers, that could be really powerful adding those gamification layers.”