NOGA support marks ‘another leap forward’ for All-in Diversity Project


The Netherlands Online Gambling Association has secured a partnership with the All-in Diversity Project, an industry-driven initiative benchmarking diversity, equality and inclusion in the global gaming sector.

It is said that the collaboration is to bring valuable information, webinars and training on diversity, equality and inclusion to NOGA members and the Netherlands gambling market.

“Industry associations are extremely important in shaping the values, attitudes and overall direction of the market, and collaboration on key issues which affect all,” stated Christina Thakor-Rankin, co-founder of the All-In Diversity Project

“Having the support of NOGA for the All-in Diversity Project is another leap forward in ensuring that the community includes both established and emerging markets, and every aspect of the sector has a voice and place at the table.

“Working in collaboration with associations such as NOGA means we can accelerate progress, share more information and offer better tools to the businesses located in the Netherlands. It’s an exciting partnership for sure.”

Ahead of the official commencement of the Dutch online marketplace on October 1, a long-awaited licensing window opened on April 1, following which it was revealed that 28 individual operator applications had been received.

NOGA, which earlier this year rolled-out a memorandum of understanding with its Portuguese counterpart Associação Portuguesa de Apostas e Jogos Online, asserts that it’s “committed to a well-regulated, attractive and safe online gambling market in the Netherlands with a level playing field”.

”We are delighted to be part of the international network of the All-in Diversity Project, representing the Netherlands and also furthering the important issues of inclusion and diversity in the gambling industry in the Netherlands,” added Peter-Paul de Goeij, managing director of NOGA.

“NOGA and its members are fully committed to All-in Diversity Project’s values and goals and we will actively propagate them with our colleagues, gambling companies, employees, stakeholders and Dutch government bodies.”