From the outset, igaming can often seem like a very complex industry – with constantly changing regulations, new technologies and innovations all playing a role in the sector’s development.

So to understand igaming a little better, Slotegrator has created the Academy which seeks to provide information about the latest developments from across the industry – a resource which Nikita Bayduyk, content creator at Slotegrator, believes is key to promoting transparency.

In a discussion with CasinoBeats, Bayduyk discusses the importance of Slotegrator’s YouTube channel, both as a form of interaction with igaming specialists as well as an educational resource.

CasinoBeats: Can you tell us a little bit about the Slotegrator Academy? What does it involve?

NB: Simply put, Slotegrator Academy is an information resource about the gambling industry, not just for Slotegrator clients, but for everyone. 

We write articles and make videos to cover latest developments in the industry, explain regulations in different countries and talk about different business models that exist within igaming.   

CasinoBeats: What more can betting and gaming companies do to educate people about the igaming industry?

NB: Informing people about safety measures, responsible gaming and existing regulations is a good start. Transparency is a big trend in igaming right now, and we think making sure that people understand what a legal igaming enterprise looks like, is a crucial step that will help this industry outgrow the stereotypes. 

CasinoBeats: In what ways is the Academy raising awareness of the iGaming industry as a viable, legitimate and regulated option for investment?

NB: For us it’s simple — we tell the truth. Our videos explain how legal igaming works, what licenses you need to receive to operate a legal business and what varieties of legal software are available on the market. 

CasinoBeats: You mentioned videos. How are the video resources from the Academy helping to establish a convenient, personal, and transparent line of communication with those interested in igaming?

NB: Our YouTube Channel is free and accessible – we feel that if anyone needs to learn the basics, it’s easier to watch a short video, than to sit down and talk to a specialist. 

We also receive questions and requests from viewers that serve as a guideline for our next videos — this way our channel stays relevant and interactive. 

We use the video resources from the Slotegrator Academy to provide both introductory and in-depth analyses on online gambling-related topics while raising awareness of the igaming industry as a viable, legitimate, and regulated option for investment.

At Slotegrator, we’ve always dedicated resources to producing high-quality educational and analytical materials. We want to empower both industry newcomers and experienced operators with the knowledge and insights needed to run successful, lasting projects. 

This YouTube channel widens the reach of our Academy and allows us to establish a convenient, personal, and transparent line of communication with those interested in the igaming industry. 

Watchers can drop us any questions or feedback directly in the comments, and we welcome the opportunity to address these in our future videos. I invite everybody to keep an eye on our channel — we have a lot of content in store for you.

CasinoBeats: And finally, what lies ahead for the Academy?

NB: We will make more great content! We started really small, but after we received a lot of positive feedback, we understood that Slotegrator Academy needs to become bigger and better. 

Our hope is for the Academy to continue to be useful and we will surely expand our range of topics and improve frequency of releases. Stay tuned.