GamCare highlights East Midland support ahead of Blue Monday

GamCare has revealed that 73 per cent of men in the East Midlands have come forward to speak to local advisors regarding gambling issues.

GamCare has revealed that 73 per cent of men in the East Midlands have come forward to speak to local advisors regarding gambling issues. 

Ahead of Blue Monday next week, a name given to a day in January said to be the “most depressing day of the year”, the gambling support charity has released figures to raise awareness of local support available to anyone struggling with problem gambling across the East Midlands.

It revealed that 23 per cent of women have also voiced their issues, with those aged between 26-35 years old making up 27 per cent of service users. 

Nicola O’Neill, an East Midlands based gambling support provider from GamCare, commented: “At GamCare, we know how hard this time of year can be for people struggling with their gambling, particularly as we approach ‘Blue Monday’. 

“With more financial pressures off the back of Christmas, coupled with a longer gap between being paid wages, the challenges that many gamblers experience in January can have a significant emotional burden also. 

“It’s important that people feel able to come forward and discuss these issues with people in their own area; we’re here, we’re local and we can help.”

GamCare also reiterated that its National Gambling Helpline is a 24/7 service that provides free practical advice, information and support around gambling. It stated that people within the East Midlands can be referred in areas including Lincoln, Peterborough, Nottingham, Leicester, Northampton and more.

O’Neill added: “I have spoken with a wide variety of women and men in the local area, on the phone and face to face, who have been impacted by someone else’s gambling as well as those who have gambled directly. 

“It’s important to help build people’s self-esteem and confidence after being affected by a gambling problem. We want to develop trust and understanding amongst the local people who call on us, and help more people come forward to get the support they need.”

In addition to the helpline, Northampton Saints Rugby Club is supporting the charity, which has helped almost 1,500 people in the region, to tackle the emotional and physical side-effects associated with gambling.

GamCare noted that the most popular form of gambling across Leicester, Nottingham, Northampton and Lincoln was online casino slots, with online gambling for sports events being the most popular in Peterborough. 

Tim Percival, director at Northampton Saints, added: “Northampton Saints is pleased to be backing this campaign to raise awareness of GamCare and the work they do to help anyone struggling with a gambling addiction in the East Midlands. It is important people know where they can turn for help, should they need it.”

Research commissioned by GamCare amongst 1,000 UK adults revealed that over six million Brits know someone with a gambling issue. Furthermore, 25 per cent admit to regretting a bet they have placed.

GamCare concluded by revealing five signs to look out for if anyone is concerned about someone else’s gambling. These are: withdrawn, changing mood, sleeping problems, financial signs and lying.