“We intend to bring great content to players, in particular exciting games that have previously been unavailable in western regulated markets, with an optimised player experience.”

These are the words of Sebastian Damian, managing director at 3 Oaks, who joined CasinoBeats to discuss what makes the company’s offering stand out in such a saturated marketplace, as well as the reasons why it is “fully committed” to working within an array of regulated markets.

“This combination will bring fresh games for online operators to further diversify their offering, as well as add extra excitement to any igaming session that players will truly appreciate,” he revealed.

“Utilising an impressive layer of promotional tools, mechanics and innovative content, we’re looking to bring genuinely new ideas to regulated markets.”

Pressed on the key personnel driving the business forward, Damian noted that the company is backed by “key individuals” with “extensive industry experience” from both the B2B and B2C sides of the industry.

“This is what we think sets us apart, combining experience from both elements of our intended customer base and bringing a new concept to challenge established business models,” it as added.

Detailing the thinking process behind establishing the business on the Isle of Man, and the benefits there are for having a presence on the island, Damian revealed that the company had identified the region’s Gambling Supervision Commission and its licensing process as the “perfect foundation” to engineer its expansion into regulated markets.

“The Isle of Man has proved itself over the years as being a perfect partner for growing businesses in the regulated markets. Also, having a presence in a recognised igaming hub provides further credentials to our operations, which is really important for a new company that is looking to establish itself in an ultra-competitive marketplace. 

“We believe this goes some way into signalling our ambitions to make an impact in regulated markets worldwide.”

When pressed on which territories the company will be targeting first and how it plans on making its content so appealing to players in these countries, Damian explained that “there are lots” of regulated markets that are of particular interest to 3 Oaks, citing Romania, Bulgaria and Malta as the focus of the company’s current plans which it believes will help it “build momentum and a strong footing”.

“From there, we’ll look to expand into other jurisdictions, including the emerging US igaming market where we see huge potential given the number of states introducing legislation,” he continued.

“There’s plenty for us to announce from a content point of view that we think will add great value to operators and bring truly new experiences to players in these regions.”

Offering insight into what else we can expect from 3 Oaks in terms of content, Damian teased that the company is aiming to “create a synergy” between the online and offline player experiences. 

“That’s a direction the igaming industry is strongly heading towards, and one that we think will define the sector for the next decade. This will heavily influence the concepts of both the content and promotional tools that we are looking to bring to future clients.”

Concluding on what initial targets he has in place for the firm in its first year of operations, he disclosed that 3 Oaks is in its final stages of securing licences to operate from key igaming jurisdictions including Malta, Bulgaria, Italy and Romania, and hopes to build some “strong commercial momentum” across 2022.

“We are taking the first steps on what will undoubtedly be a very exciting journey for us and we can’t wait to provide the industry with fresh and engaging content that will make a real difference.”