Casino Cosmopol Svenska Spel

Licensed gaming companies in Sweden scored revenue of SEK 26.02bn (£2.04bn) through 2021, representing an increase of five per cent from 2020’s SEK 24.68bn (£1.94bn) as land-based bounced back.

According to figures released by regulator the Spelinspektionen, the past year’s performance of SEK 7.01bn (2020: SEK 6.70bn) through the final three month’s of 2021 represented the year’s best on a quarterly basis.

This closed ahead of Q3’s SEK 6.31bn (2020: SEK 6.04bn), Q2’s SEK 6.51bn (2020: SEK 5.91bn) and the first quarter’s SEK 6.18bn (2020: SEK 5.94bn).

Dissecting the year’s final quarter performance in more detail, online betting and gaming dropped to SEK 3.92bn (2020: SEK 4.19bn), representing a quarter-on-quarter decline from SEK 4.18bn (£328.56m).

Svenska Spel’s lottery and Vegas slots lines scored their best performances of the year during Q4 with SEK 1.68bn (2020: SEK 1.54bn), with the reopened Casino Cosmopol, which resumed activity in July after being closed from March 29, 2020, increasing from the third quarter’s SEK 132m to close at SEK 144m.

Charitable lotteries’ Q4 dropped 9.4 per cent to SEK 889m (2019: SEK 982m), with bingo down slightly at SEK 43m (2019: SEK 44m), and restaurant casinos closing the period up 90.6 per cent to SEK 61m (2019: 32m).

For the year, the Spelinspektionen reports that the country’s digital ecosystem increased 6.34 per cent, recording revenue of SEK 16.12bn (£1.26bn) from the SEK 15.15bn (£1.19bn) recorded one year earlier.

State owned lottery and slot games closed the year at SEK 5.83bn (£458.2m), up 7.2 per cent from SEK 5.43bn (£426.7m), with the Casino Cosmopol land-based casinos finishing up at at SEK 277m (2019: SEK 196m).

Charitable lotteries’ year came in at SEK 3.49bn (2020: SEK 3.55bn), bingo dropped to SEK 178m (2019: SEK 182m), and restaurant casinos declined to SEK 122m (2019: SEK 166m).

At the end of the fourth quarter of the year, the regulator reports that approximately 70,000 were suspended for gambling via, which represents an increase of five year quarter-on-quarter.

In December 2021, 95 companies had active licenses on the Swedish market, with 65 of these being for betting and/or commercial gaming online.