Kindred’s revenue from harmful gambling drops to 3.3 per cent


Kindred has witnessed a decrease in its share of revenue derived from harmful gambling through the year’s first quarter, as the group also teams-up with RecoverMe in a bid to drive its quest to zero further still.

The gambling firm reports that its share of revenue from harmful gambling decreased to 3.3 per cent through a 90 day rolling period between December 20, 2021, and March 19, 2022, with Kindred asserting that the first quarter historically witnesses “lower shares of revenue from harmful gambling”.

Furthermore, the firm notes that an optimised process for manual interventions towards high-risk customers has seen fewer customers being redetected, with a “more cautious approach” to the 18-25 demographic also adopted. 

This, said Kindred, has resulted in a larger decrease in the percentage of harmful revenue from this demographic group. 

During the quarter, the firm has updated the improvement effect metric after interventions. Instead of only focusing on financial indicators, it now includes behavioural indicators.

“We started 2022 with a focus on targeted deliveries,” stated Henrik Tjärnström, CEO of Kindred Group. 

“Our team has specifically focused on optimising our manual interventions further, resulting in a higher percentage of customers showing healthier gambling behaviour after they have been detected and contacted by our responsible gambling team.”

Kindred has also entered a collaboration with the team behind the RecoverMe mobile health app, which uses techniques to help users regain control of their gambling habits. This will see Kindred offer the app to its customers for free, initially in the UK and the US.

”Only eight per cent of individuals with problem gambling seek help due to the stigma associated with the addiction, inaccessibility and lack of awareness of treatment options,” commented Tejus Patel, Junior Doctor at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and co-founder of RecoverMe

“RecoverMe’s partnership with Kindred is a vital lifeline in helping us provide care to those that need it most. 

“We believe passionately that collaboration with organisations like Kindred will help us reach those that need support and historically have been individuals who are difficult to reach and access therapy.”

Tjärnström added: “I am very proud that we have entered the collaboration with the team behind the RecoverMe app, ensuring we can offer this service for free to all our customers in the UK and the US. 

“We are also sponsoring additional PhD programmes on addiction studies, enabling these students to study and work full-time in academia. 

“Our focus right now is to continue to increase efficiency and speed in engaging with detected customers as early intervention is critical in preventing a harmful behaviour.”