Michigan raids seize 100 gambling devices from illegal gaming operations

Image: Hanson L/Shutterstock

Another series of raids across Michigan has led to investigators seizing 100 gambling devices, $29,204 in suspected profits and 62 gift cards of varying denominations from two alleged Flint area storefront casinos.

The raids, conducted on Wednesday 27 April, 2022, after search warrants were executed followed another joint investigation by the Michigan Gaming Control Board and Michigan Department of Attorney General.

At one location, 35 machines, including 12 full-size standalone gaming machines and 23 gaming computer towers, were seized. A second saw 65 machines, made up of 11 standalone and 54 towers, taken.

The MGCB launched an investigation with the Department of Attorney General after receiving a tip about the former, which led to the discovery of the affiliated operation.

“Illegal gambling machine operations bring unwanted crime to communities across Michigan and deprive school districts of gaming tax revenue from the state to support education,” said Henry Williams, MGCB executive director.

“The MGCB works to educate citizens and businesses about illegal gambling and to support state and local officials’ efforts to remove machines used illegally.”

Earlier in the year, another joint investigation carried out by the pair, and the Lansing Police Department, saw search warrants executed for two alleged storefront casinos in the Michigan capital, the first of which was carried out on February 28 in the Logan Square Shopping Center before a second warrant on March 4 at 777 Games of Skill.

At Logan Square, there were 28 full-size slot machines, one virtual blackjack table and other casino-style games, with the machines, which came in at 62 in total, subsequently removed from the location.

At 777 Games of Skill there were reportedly 13 full-size slot machines and seven other gambling games. In total, 82 machines were removed along with $91,532 in suspected gambling proceeds as part of the two investigations.