AGCO serves DraftKings for alleged advertising and inducement infractions


The Registrar of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has served Crown DK CAN with an Order of Monetary Penalty for alleged infractions of the former’s Standards for Internet Gaming pertaining to advertising and inducement.

The order served to the DraftKings subsidiary totals $100,000 and is said to be to “protect the public interest” and ensure Ontario’s igaming market operates “responsibly and with integrity”. 

“The AGCO will continue to monitor the activities of all registered operators and hold them to high standards of responsible gambling, player protection and game integrity,” said Tom Mungham, Chief Executive Officer and Registrar – AGCO. 

“It is in the public interest that we ensure they are meeting their obligations under Ontario’s Gaming Control Act and the Standards.”

Despite Ontario strictly prohibiting broad public advertising of bonuses and other gambling inducements (Standard 2.05), between May 19 and May 31 2022, Crown DK CAN allegedly “distributed widely” multiple broad gambling inducements that “included that of boosted 2:1 odds” via television and social media channels.

Put in place “to protect Ontarians”, the Standards are said to include “clear restrictions” on the advertising of inducements, bonuses or credits, “except when they are on an operator’s site, or through direct advertising and marketing issued after receiving active player consent”.

A registered operator served with an Order of Monetary Penalty by the AGCO has the right to appeal the Registrar’s action to the Licence Appeal Tribunal – an adjudicative tribunal independent of the AGCO and part of Tribunals Ontario.