Tech firm OPTX has inked a deal with the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino to bring its full suite of player development, slots and marketing tools to the establishment.

With a focus on streamlining casino player data into real-time insights for casino operators, OPTX – which was founded by former casino operators – will provide a tool that will be utilised across multiple departments to create a single source of data for multiple systems within the property. 

Tyson Harding, Vice President of Casino Marketing at Westgate, remarked: “Westgate was looking for a solution to bring multiple layers of operations into one view in real-time and we found that with OPTX.

“We were seeking a solution that not only helped solve our day-to-day challenges but one that also looks to introduce new features and functionality at a rapid pace to keep up with the ever-changing industry. We are excited to partner with OPTX.”

Starting with the slot department, this “will have seamless functionality” to navigate from slot and property KPIs down to individual machine and player preferences, while player development will involve a real-time tool that allows the casino to engage with guests, identify opportunities, and grow their books of business, all while streamlining day-to-day operational tasks across the gaming floor. 

Furthermore, marketing teams will have the ability to introduce “complex and automated marketing campaigns functionally” which will “increase the precision and effectiveness” of their marketing spend.

Brooke Fiumara, Co-CEO of OPTX, added: “Westgate selecting OPTX for its property business intelligence platform demonstrates the continued value operators place on our mission of creating the next generation of casino operations. 

“Property leaders are seeking a single platform solution that doesn’t just present data, it provides the functionality for operators to use it. We are confident OPTX will continue to meet the dynamic needs of Westgate.”