Optimove: operator feedback inspired recent acquisitions

Optimove’s acquisition of Graphyte and Kulumos came off the back of feedback received from operators, stated Tara Bryant, CRO of Optimove.

Speaking at SBC Summit North America earlier this year, Bryant delved into the firm’s purchase of the cloud-based personalisation platform last month, which followed on from Kumulos acquisition in March. 

Noted at the time, Optimove’s deal for Graphyte was made in a bid to produce a “powerful end-to-end player engagement platform,” which will subsequently be integrated into the cloud-based personalisation platform with its CRM marketing capabilities. 

On Graphyte joining, Bryant stated: “We are now creating this whole advancement in the CRM marketing industry as a whole. We’re creating a one-stop single platform multi-channel marketing hub and creating personalisation at scale. 

“So personalisation through email; through website; personalised websites through push and through mobile apps so we’re really excited because we really think this is going to be a huge game changer – no pun intended.”

Looking into how both operators and customers are set to benefit from the acquisitions in the near future, Bryant explained that Optimove heard from operators “all over the world” for a “one-stop shop” platform. 

She stated: “We hear from operators all over the world that they constantly want to have that single platform, have native messaging  and have it be a one that one-stop shop.

“It is really exciting with these acquisitions that we have we’re really advancing the CRM marketing as a whole”

“I think this is really going to be able to do that, it’s going to be able to enhance engagement and going to be able to enhance personalisation and what they can give to their customers, and the customers are going to get relevant marketing that’s intriguing to them they’re going to get better recommendations for betting and gaming. 

“Furthermore, they’re going to get things that are really personalised just for them, not a segmentation of a group of people but individual personalisation.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time. We’ve been the leaders in this industry for over a decade. We’ve got in the US power 20, 50 per cent of them are Optimove users so I think that speaks for itself but you know this is really gonna just take it to the next level.”

The US is home to multiple markets with an array of regulations and consumer preferences. With this comes a stronger focus on having a coherent CRM strategy in each state, something that Bryant believes Optimove have been “really fortunate” with. 

She concluded: “We get lots of insight to be able to bring that into the US as regulations are loosening and really being able to penetrate the US market and in the igaming industry. It is really exciting and we’re excited to start partnering with other companies that are really trying to penetrate the US. 

“It is really exciting with these acquisitions that we have we’re really advancing the CRM marketing as a whole we’re taking this to a completely different level we’re doing things that no one’s ever done. 

“We’re excited to really stay on the forefront and the cutting edge of technology and that’s always going to be our goal.”