Neccton secures German growth with Tipwin to utilise mentor solution

Image: Shutterstock

Neccton has added further depth to its burgeoning roster after Tipwin bolstered its responsible gambling capabilities by teaming-up with the group.

This sees the firm, which was recently certified as an online slots operator in Germany, gain Neccton’s mentor software to bolster its responsible gambling and anti-money laundering requirements.

“With this component we round off our software in order to meet the regulatory as well as in-house requirements and obligations towards the authorities and customers,” noted Dr Damir Böhm, head of the legal and communications department at Tipwin. 

Under the terms of the agreement, Tipwin’s clients will become guarded by an AI-based solution that analyses player behaviour in real-time in a bid to prevent problem gambling habits evolving. The software recognises possible problematic behaviour and works to help both player and operator to identify and address the issue.

For example, players are informed when their deposit frequency is increasing significantly, which aims to help customers make better-informed decisions about their play with individualised feedback. mentor also includes modules for fraud, AML and aCRM.

“Our system is based on 15 years of experience in responsible gaming and over 40 academic publications,” said Dr Michael Auer, Neccton director and head of development. 

“We are active in more than 20 markets including New Zealand, Canada and the US and have grown from a responsible gaming provider to a full-service compliance solution.

Adding: “The numbers speak for themselves. An amazing 90 per cent of Germany’s licensed online slots operators are using mentor.”

The online brand is one of nine companies currently listed on Germany’s national regulator’s white lst. The country only recently allowed online gambling for its citizens, with the law changing in summer 2021 and regulations remaining stringent for operators.

German online gambling operators must employ a maximum monthly deposit limit, and also use an academic algorithm to identify problem gambling.

Ivica Batinic, CEO of Tipwin, added: “We are convinced of the product and want to intensify the technical exchange with Michael Auer and the company Neccton in our mutual interest.”