Beyond the Reels, PearFiction: we want players to go on a journey

In SlotBeats’ latest Beyond the Reels episode, PearFiction Studio’s Commercial Director, Jeremy Coleman, discusses the company’s latest volcanic slot title, Treasures of Kilauea.

Featuring bonuses such as volcano erupt and lava spins, the title is a 5×4 reel slot with an additional horizontal top reel for increased win potential. 

Players are awarded with special game events after a specific amount of spins, guaranteeing that they will experience some of the title’s bonus offerings in a bid to ensure player retention.

Commenting on the game’s Hawaiian island theme, Coleman explained: “So far, all of our games have been very character-based and we wanted to do that for Treasures of Kilauea as well so we really made the volcano the star of the game. 

“We wanted to make sure that the volcano was very interactive, particularly when the player is momentarily inactive.”

When asked how the studio designs slots to attract players who may have never gambled before, Coleman answered: “We try and put ourselves in the place of the player. Most of the guys in the studio are players themselves and we believe that players want to be entertained so when we build our games we want to bring that level of entertainment with each game that we create.

“We want the players to go on a journey, we don’t want them to just sit there and have to do 250, 300 spins to get into a bonus round that may or may not payout as you would want. We are not a one feature studio.

Click the video above to hear Coleman discuss how the studio came up with the idea for the title, future plans for the Canadian studio and in-depth details on the game’s many features.