Formed in the midst of the well-documented times of COVID-19, Blue Guru Games started its life jumping over hurdles.

However, as 2022 unfold, Blue Guru expanded both in size and presence. Speaking to CasinoBeats, Andrew Braithwaite, CEO and Co Founder of the supplier, reflected on a first full year in operation and looked ahead to what 2023 has in store.

CasinoBeats: Following your first full calendar year in operation, what has been the highlight of 2022? 

Andrew Braithwaite: It’s been a full-on year for us. We grew from six people to over 40 really quickly. We achieved everything we set out to do in terms of setting all the necessary processes and people in place, and we released 10 games between June and December. 

We’ve barely had time to stop and reflect but we’re really proud of what’s been done all round.

CB: Looking back on when you first launched, do you believe you’re ahead of schedule on your original predictions?

AB: Yes, in many ways. We have a fully in-house game development studio, a full suite of tech tools, RGS, and the foundations to set us up for a big 2023 and beyond. We’re really happy with what we’ve achieved in the past year.

CB: What challenges have you faced this year? How have you overcome them and how has it made you stronger for it?

AB: Things often take longer than expected, even if you anticipate that when planning you can’t anticipate everything. We decided to refine processes as we encountered them, which we still think is the best approach, but at the time it can feel a little overwhelming when you’re in the middle of it. 

It’s only when you look back that you realise just how much you’ve learned and the challenges you overcame.

Something we didn’t get right in 2022 was the game maths. It’s vital that you spend lots of time on simulators and testing/reiterations of maths to get them just right. That’s the one thing we’d have done differently and spent more time on.

We’ve rectified that for 2023 and the games are far stronger mathematically. 

CB: With an abundance of other slot studios in the sector, what stands Blue Guru above other start-ups and how have you incorporated this into your products?

AB: We have a distinct brand which is strong enough to guide our general ethos and content choices. 

‘What would the Guru do?’ is a great barometer for us, for all aspects of the business. We’re becoming known for the stories we convey in our games, which delights us, and we will continue to build on that. 

CB: With one-eye on the future, what can the sector and players alike expect to see in the next 12-months?

AB: From Blue Guru players can look forward to strong game themes, top notch graphics and animations, and a greatly improved gameplay experience with highly engaging maths and mechanics.

We also have a few surprises on the way in terms of new mechanics and game types.