The fact that the online casino has been, and very much still is, spearheaded by the dominant force that are slots is not lost on anyone, but could a new kid on the block be set to soar its way to a controlling position in gaming lobbies – or are we witnessing a temporary fad that is set to crash and burn?

We are of course talking about the rise and rise of crash games, with the former of those viewpoints certainly one that is shared by David Natroshvili, Managing Partner at Spribe, who believes that those familiar reels will eventually be displaced at the top of the igaming tree.

For Mark McGinley, FunFair Games’ Chief Executive Officer, this new vertical attraction was a key component of aligning with the games studio, with the move driving a long-held belief that “I always felt that this ageing sector needed to be awoken with a new and fresh offering”.

“I’m very passionate about this space and am a firm believer that there’s a huge need for content that reinvents the industry and moves away from traditional formats,” he told CasinoBeats in this latest in-depth special.

Continuing alongside the optimism avenue first trodden above, Natroshvili shares a belief that cash games are “dominating online casino game lobbies for one reason,” with this simply being that “they are incredibly fun to play”.

“In my honest opinion, there is a real lack of true innovation in the casino space”

Mark McGinley, FunFair Games’ Chief Executive Officer.

“The increasing curve format of games such as our flagship turbo game, Aviator, is really easy to understand, making it appealing to a wide range of player demographics,” he continued.

“They are mobile-friendly and provide fast action with the chance to win big thanks to the massive multiplier while being multiplayer, interactive and social. 

“Live bets and live stats ensure engagement is sky-high while the nature of the increasing curve format gives players some element of control over the outcome of each game round.”

McGinley regains the baton by suggesting that “true innovation in the real money casino space is hard to come by,” in addition to sharing a belief that the ecosystem is crying out for a more varied assortment of game types.

“There’s a huge amount of very positive interest, appeal and excitement around the more ‘non-traditional’ gaming verticals, be it arcade or crash style games,” he commented. 

“Add multiplayer into the mix here and this immediately adds another level of interest. For many years now, the gambling experience has been a somewhat lonely single player experience. 

“Here at FunFair, we plan to challenge that and creating varied and engaging multiplayer games will be a key objective of ours moving forward.”

Adding: “We see a new, younger generation of adults now beginning to find and explore the online space and their expectations are very different from customers of yesteryear. 

“Innovation is a word used often in the online real money space, but one I believe is often used incorrectly. In my honest opinion, there is a real lack of true innovation in the casino space.”

“…we need to keep an open mind and not be afraid to step outside the norm and free ourselves to try new things”

Mark McGinley, FunFair Games’ Chief Executive Officer.

Continuing his look at crash games, which former FunFair Games COO Lloyd Purser described as “like a game of chicken really,” McGinley noted the importance of interactivity if heightening appeal to a new generation of player.

Whether that is a live chat functionality, nickname feature of avatars, the necessity of “building a better sense of community” is key to grabbing the attention of those simply not captivated by a “passive single-player online gambling experience”.

Despite this, caution is issued when pursuing fresh emerging verticals, with McGinley having reminded that you mustn’t forget your existing player base.

“This is still a new and emerging gaming vertical in the real money casino space, and one we’re constantly learning more about,” he explained. 

“Our target audience has a different set of requirements and expectations; therefore, we try our best to fulfil their preferences and plan to continue doing so, with a growing portfolio of diverse features, mechanics and game types.

“At FunFair Games we are creating a new wave of games for a new generation of players whilst not forgetting about our existing player base. 

“We often talk about the next generation of gamblers, but I think it’s important not to forget the large audience of players today. 

“When comparing the expectations of this new demographic to the previous generation, you’ll see that they’re quite contrasting. 

“Therefore, we need to keep an open mind and not be afraid to step outside the norm and free ourselves to try new things.”

“…crash games are very much here to stay and ultimately will dominate online casino game lobbies in place of slots”

David Natroshvili, Managing Partner at Spribe

Turning away from this increasing popularity, Natroshvili slightly changed tack to examine the many contrasting views offered on crash games, those primarily being if they’re here to stay or a simply a temporary fad that will inevitably fizzle out.

“Make no mistake about it, crash games are very much here to stay and ultimately will dominate online casino game lobbies in place of slots,” he said. 

“This is because the gameplay offered is so much more compelling and entertaining, and includes other aspects such as leaderboards, stats and social interaction with other players. Slots just can’t match this. 

“As consumer habits continue to change – time is of the essence and players are seeking fast-paced thrills with plenty of engagement and interaction – it will be crash games they are drawn to. 

“As with slots, there’s no end of themes that crash games can be created around, with different types of gameplay and bonus features built into each – this will ensure crash game content remains fresh and exciting.”

Concluding his own participation, McGinley vowed to deliver a roadmap that will introduce “that are engaging, interactive and offer social experiences, compared with passive single-player slots games”.

He ended: “As new generations start playing online casino games, the demand for new experiences has never been as high. These emerging demographics seek different content which includes titles that offer different features, playstyles, and designs.”