Fast Track will enable its operator partners to deliver more 1:1 experiences for bettors with the integration of an autoregressive language AI model.

The new model, which Fast Track believes will “revolutionise the way CRM is done in the igaming industry”, will focus on delivering “human-like”, multi-level marketing campaigns that can be localised to each audience.

“This technology enables our partners to work smarter, not harder. Accelerating their journey to delivering 1:1 experiences is truly a game changer for the industry, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this innovation,” said Patrik Potocki, CTO of Fast Track. 

“We look forward to seeing our partners leverage this technology to drive growth and innovation in their businesses.”

The AI model will be showcased at ICE London, which takes place from 7-9 February. Operators will also be able to personalise campaigns via tailored subject lines, A/B testing and language localisation with live in-context preview in seconds.

Simon Lidzen, CEO and Co-founder, said: “We’ve been waiting for this technology; our platform was designed and built to be self-learning, but the AI technology simply wasn’t there. Now, with the latest autoregressive language AI, we can confidently offer our partners a system that will help them reduce costs and make it easier to deliver 1:1 experiences to their customers.

“We expect to see unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency for our partners, allowing them to focus on innovation and growth.”