Entain: 2022 reduction in medium hourly pay gap ‘encouraging’

Entain CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen
Image: Entain

Entain has stated in its 2022 Gender Pay Gap Report that its median hourly pay gap for its UK operations has been reduced by over two per cent in the past year.

Reflecting on the group’s report, CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen called the reduction “encouraging” but added that the company must “keep doing more” and that this is “just the start”.

Publishing its 2022 Gender Pay Gap Report, Entain stated that its median hourly pay gap has dropped to 3.2 per cent (2021: 5.3 per cent), while its median bonus gender pay gap has also declined to 38.7 per cent (2021: 59.6 per cent).

The group also claimed that its mean hourly gender pay gap has risen slightly to 16.9 per cent (2021: 16.2 per cent), while its mean bonus gender pay gap has increased as well to 66.1 per cent (2021: 63.4 per cent).

Nygaard-Andersen commented: “It’s encouraging to share that our median hourly pay gap has reduced to 3.2 per cent from 5.3 per cent. And even more so when this compares with the national figure from the Office of National Statistics which quotes the gender pay gap this year, for all employees (full and part-time), at 14.9 per cent. 

“But we can, and must, keep doing more. Companies like ours have an opportunity to reshape the world of work, and we take this responsibility very seriously.”

In terms of the proportion of employees receiving a bonus, Entain noted that 63.3 per cent were women (2021: 62.8 per cent) while 66.5 per cent were men (2021: 69.6 per cent).

The proportion of female employees in each quartile is as follows:

  • Lower quartile – 55.5 per cent (2021: 57 per cent)
  • Lower mid quartile – 55.7 per cent (2021: 55.4 per cent)
  • Upper mid quartile – 51.1 per cent (2021: 52.3 per cent)
  • Upper quartile – 37.7 per cent (2021: 39.1 per cent)

Entain highlighted some of the actions it has taken to help close the pay gap, including partnering with McLaren F1 to launch the Returnship programme to help women in engineering and technology roles.

The group has also launched its executive sponsorship programme, partnered with Global Gaming Women, established Women@Entain – its first employee network, introduced a global menopause policy, made gender equality a key focus in internal and external appointments, provided unconscious bias learning via its Global Inclusion Learning programme and used data to enhance the employee experience.

“Sustainability drives everything we do, and doing what’s right is one of our core values. Diverse teams have more creativity, imagination, innovation and problem-solving capabilities,” added Nygaard-Andersen.

“And we’ll have a better impact in the marketplace because these teams will deeply understand consumers’ needs, wants and challenges, which creates greater career opportunities and happier customers. 

“We are committed to tackling inequalities and creating a diverse and inclusive business. Whether we are reigniting careers with our female returnship in partnership with McLaren F1, or supporting all women with our Women@Entain network, we know we are on the right road, but it is just the start.”