“We have already incorporated crossover characters from different game series in our Universe,” Nir Ronen, Spinomenal COO, begins to kick-start the second portion of CasinoBeats 100 Club special.

As part one closed by taking a look at the potential of creating bespoke games that fit within the storyline narrative, the concluding chapter begins by revisiting a theme highlighted last time out.

This touched upon the potential of an igaming studio crafting its very own iteration of the MCU, with Ronen subsequently quizzed on the potential of characters from across the Spinomenal Universe cropping up in other games series.

With each occupying a space in the same universe, it is noted that titles such as Lucky Jack and the Book of Rebirth have brought this concept to reality. 

Future games, including Wolf Fang and the Spear of Fire, will be among a consistent stream of similar such plans in the igaming studio’s roadmap.

“…we are open to incorporating more crossover characters in the future”

“We believe this creates an exciting and immersive experience for our players, and we are open to incorporating more crossover characters in the future,” he said.

In addition, specific themes or events could also bring unity across Spinomenal’s creation, with January’s ‘Egyptian Darkness’ offering connecting several games in the supplier’s Egyptian Empire series through a shared storyline.

“This event not only added depth and continuity to the games but also provided an opportunity for players to participate in a tournament,” Ronen continued.

“We also recognise that some casinos have their own mascots, and we feel it would be exciting to incorporate these mascots into exclusive mashups within our Universe. 

“This not only creates a unique and personalised experience for operators but also adds to the richness and diversity of the Universe concept.”

As part one placed a central focus on development, challenges encountered and overcome and the innovative potential offered, the sequel hones in on the player experience and nuances of the concept itself.

Next up is how players will be carried through a storyline once in the Universe, as well as if outside events can trigger individuals to enter.

Regarding the former, it is noted that a narrative games switch incentive popup feature has been implemented to help carry players through a storyline. This, it is added, allows players to switch between games and join a story seamlessly within the iFrame.

“This concept allows for different storylines and characters to co-exist in the same universe and potentially interact”

This feature not only refreshes the player when they get tired of a particular game but also adds another layer to the gameplay experience.

“With this feature, players can switch between games much quicker than if they were to load the entire casino lobby, making it a convenient base for promotion and task system mechanics. 

“During our soft launch with Soft2bet, we found that most players chose to take the journey and that session KPIs were very high.”

In addition, despite no such feature existing to trigger players to enter from outside, Ronen suggested that this could potentially be introduced in the future should it be deemed to enhance the experience and fit within the framework.

Furthermore, as previously alluded to, as each collection of titles coexist in the same universe, the space is far from having a fixed frontier and certain actions could well occur to ensure that games are reactive.

“This concept allows for different storylines and characters to co-exist in the same universe and potentially interact with one another. 

“For instance, the Egyptian Empire series and Lucky Jack Tut’s Treasures take place in the same universe, which allows for Lucky Jack to visit ancient Egypt and potentially cross paths with characters from the Egyptian Empire series.

“Similarly, The Wolf Pack series provides an interesting perspective on how different games in the same series can be affected by events in the varying spaces they occupy. 

“Its very essence is adaptability and that means that it will be open to change if we conjure up a good idea”

“The idea of the series is that all the wolves in the games are descendants of the original wolf from Wolf Fang, and over time, they have adapted to the different spaces they occupy. 

“This provides an opportunity for the wolves to interact with characters from other games in the same series, potentially creating a reactive gameplay experience for the players.”

With our two-part deep-dive almost over, only one question remains, and that concerns how much we can expect the Spinomenal Universe to progress over time. 

“We’re only just beginning to play and experiment with our Universe,” Ronen concluded. “Its very essence is adaptability and that means that it will be open to change if we conjure up a good idea that warrants us altering the roadmap.

“One element we certainly know that will be launched soon is a new promotion tool. It will include a substantial prize pool budget and will be permanently activated in all our games, corresponding to the Universe stories and events. 

“This will reflect what is simultaneously happening within real-world promotions and prizes. In addition, we are working on a new game engine that will improve our tech capabilities and will open a whole new horizon with where we can take our Universe.”