Ensuring sustainable long-term partnerships are the lifeblood of any studio’s potential success story, paving the way for consistent growth opportunities on either a global or regional scale.

With this in mind, Olga Pronak, Team Lead at Key Account Management Department at Evoplay, spoke to CasinoBeats to explain just why a personalised approach is critical in the provider-operator alliance.

In addition to explaining the crucial elements of such tie-ups and what challenges can be encountered, she delves into how Evoplay is magnifying communications, what promotional tools demonstrate significant success and much more.

CasinoBeats: How does Evoplay identify potential partners? What factors are considered when assessing if a commercial tie-up will be mutually beneficial?

Olga Pronak: We aim to ensure that Evoplay games are available through partnerships on a wide range of projects to allow access to our innovative titles to as many players as possible. We seek partners who share our commitment to responsible gaming. 

This means partnering with licensed companies that comply with actual legal and regulatory requirements and prioritise player protection. 

We don’t categorise partners; instead, we value their uniqueness. The dynamic nature of the igaming landscape offers growth potential and opportunities. That’s why we always analyse their processes, capabilities, and marketing preferences before planning our growth strategies together. 

When initiating a partnership, it’s impossible to foresee how it will evolve in the future as throughout the work process, there are numerous details that can affect productive cooperation. 

CB: What major challenges are encountered when entering into fresh B2B collaborations? And how does the company work to overcome these to ensure sustained success?

OP: Starting new B2B collaborations involves numerous steps, whether we’re entering new markets or familiar ones. Each country has its own regulations for game certification, rules about content promotion and players’ activity. Besides that, every integration with a new partner is unique and has its own details, which may influence our future cooperation.

Gathering feedback and information from partners during the initial stages of collaboration is crucial. It assists in refining our planning and allocating resources effectively to minimise market risks. 

Even in regions where we have an established presence, regulatory changes are frequent, requiring continual adaptation. Staying aware of market changes and maintaining effective communication with partners is essential for ensuring success in our cooperation.

CB: You have recently launched the Client Area, which is intended to enhance communications efficiency. How was the feature received by partners? And how will the initial feedback help to shape future developments?

OP: Improving communication efficiency with our partners has always been our priority, and launching our Client Area is a significant step in achieving this goal. It’s proven to be a highly useful tool, saving valuable time for everyone.

The Client Area ensures that partners remain updated on our latest news and activities, bridging communication gaps. We also introduced B2B tournaments into the Client Area to better familiarise partners with the platform and our products. 

The positive feedback from our partners about both the Client Area launch and the B2B tournaments demonstrates the effectiveness of our efforts. Coming up with new ideas for games and business collaborations, we’re firmly dedicated to making sure everyone involved succeeds.

CB: Evoplay hasn’t been shy in trying to take a different approach to marketing over the last few years. Why is this undertaken? And how do you assess and ensure the success of such strategic campaigns?

OP: Innovation is in Evoplay’s DNA. Step by step, we realise our mission to revolutionise the igaming industry and engage a new generation of digitally savvy players. 

Alongside our cutting-edge game development, each marketing campaign is crafted to be distinct and impactful. For example, during the launch of our latest flagship game, Adrenaline Rush, we hosted a racing-themed event for partners, allowing them to firsthand experience the excitement that players will feel when enjoying our innovative games.

With a diverse portfolio of themed games, our marketing team has plentiful opportunities for creating unique, captivating campaigns. The increasing interest in our classic games with innovative twists and modern titles tells us we’re heading in the right direction. 

CB: Which of Evoplay’s promotional tools has shown the most promising results? And can we anticipate any new additions or innovations in the near future?

OP: Tournaments have consistently proven to be one of the most effective and popular promotional tools in Evoplay’s arsenal. Recently, we’ve boosted our offerings with a new efficient tool – Random Prize Drops. 

However, based on my observations, Quests have recently generated the most interest among igamers. They can serve both as a feature within a game and as a standalone tool. 

Currently underutilised by many providers, Quests are a really promising tool. Unlike many features that are primarily focused on increasing acquisition, Quests enhance retention, a crucial aspect for our partners.

As the igaming industry saturates rapidly, we constantly explore new promotional tools to increase player engagement. Currently, we’re developing some exciting new ones to offer even more exceptional experiences for igamers who choose Evoplay’s games.