Enteractive’s outbound calling added to Optimove platform

Image: Shutterstock

Enteractive has agreed to a strategic partnership with Optimove to boost player retention, help identify problematic gambling, as well as marketing personalisation.

Through the deal, the player conversion and reactivation service provider’s outbound calling expertise has been added to the CRM marketing platform’s Multichannel Marketing Hub, going alongside its existing suite of marketing channels such as email, mobile, SMS, in-app messaging, as well as web and mobile push.

Enteractive has stated that the outbound calling will allow operators to provide personal interactions with players in the areas of retention and tackling problematic gambling, accessible seamlessly with Optimove’s CRM marketing platform integration.

Dan De Souza, Director of iGaming Partnerships at Optimove, commented: “Sometimes you need a bit of human touch. We’re thrilled to kick off this strategic partnership with Enteractive.

“This new marketing channel represents a significant addition, offering operators an impactful avenue to rekindle connections with inactive players and bolster their efforts in addressing problematic gambling issues more effectively.” 

Enteractive added that the personalisation of the outbound calls can help reengage with previous players, but also identify signs of problematic gambling behaviour to provide those that need it with “personal, hands-on advice to help them manage their gambling habits”.

“Addressing player churn is a pivotal marketing challenge within the iGaming industry, and this partnership marks a significant step forward in empowering operators to address this challenge effectively,” added Pedram Padidar, Enteractive COO. 

“Our service aligns perfectly with the capabilities of Optimove’s comprehensive all-in-one CRM Marketing platform. Combining Enteractive’s well-established services with Optimove’s advanced CRM marketing functionalities provides a formidable marketing tool that spares no resource in reactivating churned players.”