Ahead of a week of product exhibitions, potential partnerships and networking events at CasinoBeats Summit, we spoke with iGaming Platform’s CMO, Michael Baker-Mosely, about the lucrative opportunities presented by the Summit. 

CasinoBeats: What elements of CasinoBeats Summit work so well for your organisation, and why is it important for you to be there this year? 

Michael Baker-Mosely: With more than 3,500 industry professionals expected to attend, this is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our solutions and engage with operators from across the igaming industry. 

Our focus this year will be on educating the industry on who iGP is and why from a technology and solutions point of view, they have a lot to offer operators. While we are not trying to make hyperbolic claims about our platform revolutionising the industry, what we are trying to convey is that we are providing quality, high-performing products.

Last year, we saw an average uptime of 99.97 per cent, and that’s because we know how to get the basics right and these basics allow us to launch new products to boost retention and player conversion. 

We have built on top of the core platform, while also making sure we can provide modular, standalone solutions. CasinoBeats Summit will give us the chance to reinforce that message and make sure people are aware that we can provide a full-service offering with excellent reliability. 

CB: What’s your key objective at this year’s event and what are the main products/services you’ll be promoting? 

MBM: There will be plenty for us to discuss at the show, as we offer three core products; iGaming Platform, our core platform, iGaming Labels, our casino and sportsbook white label solution, and the most recent one, iGaming Deck, our games aggregator which launched last September. 

iGaming Platform offers advanced reports, a vault engine, a content management system, a bonus engine, fraud and risk management and customer experience management. iGaming Labels will be showcasing new templates for our sportsbooks and white-label casino solutions, on top of our full turnkey casino and crypto solutions. 

Meanwhile, iGaming Deck hosts more than 10,000 games provided by some of the industry’s leading suppliers, delivering a fully intuitive UI through a centralised hub and single API. 

We are also bringing our Road to Lisbon competition to CBS. We launched it at the SBC Brazil and after a Brazilian tour, we are offering CBS delegates the chance to win both a shirt signed by Pelé and an NFT worth up to $1,000. Visit the stand for your chance to win. 

CB: What would you highlight as the biggest opportunity in the betting and gaming industry over the next couple of years? 

MBM: Regulation is always something we have our eye on, and we greatly anticipate the opportunity to expand further globally as and when new markets open up. Brazil, LatAm and Asia as a whole are markets that are particularly of interest to us. 

We also see an opportunity for operators to really build trust with the end user, something players are increasingly short on. There are a number of ways to do this, but the experience from start to finish is often the most important. This can be achieved through ensuring reliability and experience as a core offering, and not a secondary offering.

Players want to play where they want, when they want, in whatever currency they want. Should operators not be able to provide that, then they may be forgiven the first time, but certainly not the second. Operators generally worry about the experience but often lack the technology or partners to effectively support it. 

Separately, we cannot understate the importance of localisation. Operators have pulled out of markets where they were unable to adapt their offering in a way that would work for that specific cohort of players in a sufficient amount of time. They struggled to compete with operators who were able to offer newer technology and of course, the ones who were able to make greater investments in technology, so this is something everyone in the market should bear in mind when launching in new territories. 

CB: What elements of your business do you feel are best placed to take advantage of that opportunity? 

MGM: I think iGaming Labels, our white-label casino and sportsbook solution, in particular, is well placed to develop and grow in the coming years. We have been placing a heavy amount of focus on the turnkey casino and sportsbook solutions, making sure they are localised for different markets, with a particular focus on LatAm and Asia. 

They have been and continue to be optimised for key performance metrics, with the latest release, Tropicana, focusing on the conversion of depositors in the LatAm market.

Related is the aggregator solution, The way this has been built allows the operator to have more control with a beautiful back office, enhanced promotional tools built-in and available from the game providers themselves, which many aggregators don’t allow, whilst the architecture and tech stack means it’s really cost-effective for the operator.

Of course, both solutions have been built on the iGP core platform, a strong base for us and those partners that operate it to build and innovate products to push forward with. 

CB: What areas of the business should we be looking to for innovation in the next 12 months? 

MBM: The next 12 months are going to be very exciting for us. We plan to use more tools to support personalisation on both the platform and white label solutions, and of course, add more content to iGaming Deck. We also want to focus more on localising our products so that they are tailored to each particular market. 

In a year’s time, we aim to have made our back-end system even stronger, so that our operator partners can have better control of what they wish to do. Our managed services are also set to benefit from greater investment, to give partners current and future far more flexibility to scale their businesses and the markets they operate in.

On the whole, we’re looking forward to how we can grow iGP as a business in the next 12 months by developing all three core products, and the CasinoBeats Summit and SBC as a whole play an important part in supporting our goals.