Kindred’s Swedish Spooniker sanction reduced again to SEK 30m


Kindred has confirmed that the sanction fee ordered to the company by the Swedish Gambling Authority in 2020 has been reduced for a second time to SEK 30m. 

Following bonus rules violations that took place in 2019, Kindred’s wholly owned online casino subsidiary brand Spooniker was ordered to pay SEK $100m. 

The firm had been accused of offering “several different unauthorised bonuses” as well as games, specifically lotteries, that were not covered by the operator’s licence. 

At the time, the SEK 100m figure was considered necessary due to the nature of the violations, but the Authority did ensure the fine wouldn’t “exceed ten percent of the licence holder’s turnover”. 

In response to the original violations, the operator stated: “Kindred will appeal the SGA’s decision to obtain judicial guidance on how the new legislation should be interpreted. Until recently issued warnings and fines issued to other licence holders are tried in court and enforced, Kindred will continue to adopt a strict interpretation.

“Kindred is of the opinion that the Swedish Gambling Act adopted on January 1, 2019, has been vague in areas related to commercial activities and thereby creating unnecessary ambiguity. Kindred welcomes more clarity in these areas and continues to improve its operations to ensure full compliance.”

Following Kindred’s appeal, the sanction fee was originally reduced down to SEK 50m, however, over four years after the original violations, the fee has been reduced further to SEK 30m.