Joe Streeter of CasinoBeats met with the Xtremepush’s co-founders at the SBC Summit North America, who emphasised the importance of evolution in the igaming industry. 

Tommy Kearns, CEO and Co-Founder of Xtremepush, shared details around the company’s new vision looking into the future and shared observations on the company’s successful trajectory eight years after establishment. 

“We’ve had a totally new rebrand over the last four months. It wasn’t that the old brand was poor, but this new fresh brand look and feel is matching the ambitions of us being the category leader within this industry,” Kearns said. 

With a great rebrand comes great responsibility however, as the path that lies ahead is beset by many challenges, one of which is the fast pace of developments that has become synonymous with the industry. 

Kevin Collins, Xtremepush CTO and Co-Founder, commented: “Regulations are always there as a big challenge that has to be managed. Another big trend is gamification. In order to differentiate, people want to have free-to-play loyalty on different offerings.

“The pace is changing digitally. The amount of things that need to speed up in terms of your data, your ability to give great experiences, the need for consolidation. That pace of change is never ending really.”

Kearns added: “The industry that we’re in it’s all about real-time. The experiences have to be real time, how we respond to those experiences must be in real-time. Consumers – they need instant gratification. Being able to have one unified CRM to do all of your intelligence – that’s kind of the big trend.”

Another highlight in Xtremepush’s arsenal is its latest InfinityAI solution, seeking to bolster player loyalty through predictive insights using machine learning. 

Kearns expressed that the tool has been in development for the past 12 months, and that it is built on years of experimenting at Xtremepush with machine learning use cases within the industry. 

“We’ve been thinking about how we can bring machine learning to the masses, to their marketeers,” the CEO added. “We’ve now put this module together on our platform that makes it easy for other marketeers or data scientists to roll out these machine learning and AI use cases at scale, very quickly.”

“It connects to everything,” Collins added. “The idea for us is that all the player data should be available to you for your intelligence efforts. There’s a constant circle of ability to keep building on top of your results.”

On whether or not InfinityAI is a byproduct of the wider adoption of AI, Kearns added: “Everything’s becoming more autonomous. How we think about improving our business is to make things more automated and easier for the consumer or the marketeer to try the use cases that get these outcomes. To scale businesses, but not needing to have huge heavy lifting in your marketing or CRM team.”