Danish gambling GGR down YoY in April despite online casino growth

Image: Shutterstock

Spillemyndigheden, the Danish gambling authority, has reported a year-over-year decline in gross gaming revenue across betting, gaming machines and land-based casinos in April, but an increase in online casino GGR.

Reporting figures for April 2024, the authority stated that GGR amounted to DKK 595m (€79.8m), down from the DKK 640m GGR during the same month last year.

In terms of GGR by sector, online casinos led the way with 45.85 per cent, followed by betting with 32.79 per cent, gaming machines with 16.11 per cent and land-based casinos with 5.26 per cent.

Online casinos in April generated DKK 273m in GGR, up 6.04 per cent from the DKK 257m reported during the same month the previous year. 

Within the vertical, gaming machines had the largest share of total GGR at 76.26 per cent, followed by roulette at 7.27 per cent, blackjack at seven per cent, commission at 3.66 per cent, other at 3.17 per cent and bingo at 2.64 per cent.

Spillemyndigheden noted that betting operations in April produced DKK 195m in GGR, down 20.92 per cent in comparison to DKK 247m reported in April 2023.

Mobile betting led the way with a 70.18 per cent share of the vertical’s total GGR, followed by land-based at 15.06 per cent and computer at 14.76 per cent.

Gaming machine GGR fell by 7.36 per cent YoY in April to DKK 96m (April 2023: DKK 104m) with an average daily GGR of DKK 3.3m. 

Gaming arcades generated a 79.65 per cent share of the vertical’s total GGR during the month, while restaurants produced 20.35 per cent.

Land-based casinos reported an April GGR of 31m, down 1.63 per cent YoY (April 2023: DKK 32m) with an average daily GGR of DKK 1.1m.

As of April 30, 2024, Spillemyndigheden noted that the ROFUS self-exclusion service had 50,740 registered persons, with 32,823 permanently registered persons and 17,914 temporary registered persons.

During April, the authority’s helpline StopSpillet had 66 related conversations and 181 other information conversations. Of the related conversations, 65.2 per cent were with players, 31.8 per cent were with a relative and 3.03 per cent were with a consultant.