Andrew Jones, Senior Account Manager at Bad Hombre Gaming

“I got a real sense that Bad Hombre is determined to do something different and innovative, the likes of which the industry has not seen before,” began Bad Hombre Gaming’s new starter, Andrew Jones, upon being quizzed by CasinoBeats about what first appealed ahead of joining the company.

Following a more than 14-year professional journey across the online gaming landscape, Jones’ path has now led to a Senior Account Manager role at the Sliema-based firm that bills itself as a “next-generation crypto casino platform”.

In a conversation that covers Bad Hombre’s core focuses of crypto and Telegram, moves made across the fiat space in 2024 and a core go-live commitment for clients, Jones began by elaborating on this initial statement regarding his early attractions to the post.

“I was extremely impressed with the platform’s customer first approach,” he commented. “In my experience a big frustration of white label operators is the lack of flexibility and rigidity of the platform, meaning even small changes to the site are rejected by the platform provider as each element is interlinked with other sites on the network. 

“On the Bad Hombre platform not only can you make such adjustments, you also have the ability to do this yourself through the CMS.”

Stepping into this fresh position, Jones is looking to utilise the vast experience that has been built up at the likes of Aspire Global, via a more than 10-year stint, as well as Pragmatic Play, Avento and Soft2Bet, to drive Bad Hombre to new heights.

Continuing the discussion, the new hire touched upon how he will help the group enhance its current standing within the online gaming ecosystem.

“For me my ambitions are to drive results for our partners and grow along with the company”

“This position poses new challenges and learning opportunities for me personally,” he said. “Working in the crypto space and now offering Telegram casinos as well, will allow me to add new skills to those previous years of experience.”

Adding on the major ambitions that he is hoping to achieve: “The company is in a really exciting phase at the moment, growing rapidly, trying new things and still in that great phase of company evolution that ‘anything is possible’. 

“For me my ambitions are to drive results for our partners and grow along with the company, wherever that may take me.”

Bad Hombre, which was founded in 2019 and counts three office locations across two countries, rolls-out a steady slew of commercial tie-ups to enhance its positioning across a range of global jurisdictions. 

Looking at the firm’s current standing within the industry, Jones stressed a desire to to continue driving significant change across the industry courtesy of its innovative nature.

“I think Bad Hombre is disruptive from within the company’s DNA so that will always grab attention,” he noted. 

“We are currently not a massive operation but have a really strong team with a lot of industry experience, and a growing reputation for having an excellent product portfolio.”

However, such ambitions are naturally common across organisations amid a constant jockeying for position, with sights consistently focused on achieving an elevated position and the numerous benefits that accompany such a standing.

“We are crypto first which gives us a unique market positioning in the platform space”

In sustaining the lofty expectations held for Bad Hombre, Jones progressed by detailing how those involved will continue to make further headway into a saturated platform space, as well as what major USPs allow the product to stand out in such an environment.

“We are crypto first which gives us a unique market positioning in the platform space,” he explained. 

“Couple that with the next generation platform I mentioned earlier, and a commitment to go live with your site in as little as eight weeks, I would say we are in a great position to take on the competition.”

Amid the maintained optimism throughout the dialogue, all that was left was for Jones to touch upon what significant developments we can expect to see from the company through the remainder of the year and beyond.

“Well, we’ve put three fiat brands live already this year and we’re continuing to build out our product feature set and market reach on that vertical,” he explained. 

“Later on in the year, we’ll be adding a sweepstakes vertical which is another entirely different offering that we’ll make available to operators looking to address that market niche, not to mention more exciting developments on our bread-and-butter crypto and Telegram offerings to ensure that they maintain their place on the bleeding edge of market innovation.”