CTO of PIN-UP.TECH, Kyrylo Aistrakhanov shares his experience of the igaming industry and reveals his plans to deliver new technology innovations in the pursuit of increased efficiency and technical excellence.

Kyrylo, tell us about your promotion and describe the qualities and experience you bring to your new position.

I am deeply passionate about technology, I am driven by igaming with its dynamism and constant communication with people, and at PIN-UP I get the most out of each of these points.

Important points in my experience are the ability to build teams and see things through to completion, risk management and decision making under uncertainty, and the ability to adapt to change. 

During my work at PIN-UP.TECH, I emphasised the fact that the potential and development area of our technical solutions is huge and we can achieve better results with meticulous attention and a systematic approach. My proactivity was recognised by the management and I and my team were trusted to turn my ideas into reality. 

What was your experience in the industry before you joined PIN-UP? Where did you start, what interesting projects did you realise, what path did you take to your current position?

My industry experience is varied, ranging from network engineer and developer at family-owned outsource companies and startups in fintech, payment aggregators and cryptocurrencies, to working in betting and gambling at companies where I spent over five years.

Over the course of my career, I have implemented various projects including modularisation and scaling during a company’s growth crisis when I was Engineering Manager. I was also actively involved in the transformation of the company from B2C to B2B, supporting CTO in technical implementation and organisational structure building.

My experience also includes optimisation and risk response during turbulent periods in the market. This has enabled me to manage projects more flexibly, always laying down the risks, and to achieve the set goals. 

For those in our audience who are not familiar with PIN-UP.TECH, can you tell us what it does and what role it plays in the PIN-UP ecosystem?

PIN-UP.TECH is one of the key segments of PIN-UP Global and develops software for igaming, specialising in technological solutions. We create high quality products and provide other segments of the ecosystem with infrastructure support. We use such programming languages as Golang, Angular and Python, as well as advanced technologies, approaches and development methods – high load, big data, high availability, high scalability, real time and low latency – to continuously improve quality, optimise processes and expand the range of unique high-tech products. Millions of users around the world interact daily with our platform, affiliate system, marketing tools, CRM, native applications and fintech solutions – just to name a few of PIN-UP.TECH developments. 

What innovations are you going to bring to PIN-UP.TECH as a new manager? What will change (in structure, processes, etc)?

In my role as the CTO of PIN-UP.TECH, I plan to introduce a number of innovations aimed at increasing efficiency and development of the direction. First of all, it is the popularisation of engineering culture and achievement of tech excellence among the team of specialists. This includes transparency and openness in communication, actively investing in the professional development of engineers and encouraging innovative thinking. Tech excellence for us means high quality code and architecture, automation and efficiency of processes, optimisation of manual labour, and constant search for new ideas and technologies. 

One of the priorities will be the introduction of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies into our products and business processes. We see technology as an additional lever and AI-based solutions as the key to greater productivity, cost reduction and manual chores.

Your goal is to turn PIN-UP.TECH into an adaptive structure. Can you explain exactly what this means and how you intend to achieve this goal?

Transforming into an adaptive structure means creating a flexible and dynamic organisation that can quickly respond to market changes, partner demands and technological trends. To do this, we are guided by a laissez-faire leadership style that gives professionals the freedom to make decisions and take responsibility for their projects, which increases motivation and engagement within the framework of clearly defined goals. No micromanagement allows everyone, regardless of role or position, to take initiative and creativity while focusing on the overall result.

We utilise an OKR system to achieve a common goal, which allows us to clearly define goals and key deliverables for each area. Adopting agile working methodologies such as Agile and Scrum, encouraging innovative projects and constant monitoring of processes help us to be flexible and resistant to change. We also actively hire the best experts, which allows us to attract fresh ideas and experience, maintaining a high level of competitiveness and partner satisfaction.

Another element of your mission is to provide tools to scale and grow. Tell us more about your plans for realising this goal.

My team and I aim to ensure high stability of the platform at 99.9% in all regions, as well as business continuity and technology development. But at the same time, our task is not to turn into a “clumsy giant”, even though it is stable. Therefore, in addition to stability, we will raise the customisability and configurability of the platform, give flexibility in decision-making and allow our R&D teams to quickly implement their ideas.

We will also make every effort to organise accelerated partner integration and service different regions in the shortest possible time – within a few days.

In addition, as a technical business, our goal is to manage our resources to create the conditions for flexible deployment of compatible brands and products in new regions, reducing time-to-market to weeks and reducing the cost of delay. 
Last but not least, we plan to provide analysts with access to data and insights through a data-driven approach – we will use this data to quickly implement changes and improvements on the platform and make strategic business decisions.