Payments company Everi has become embroiled in a legal battle with Koin Payments, as the firm alleges it is violating anti-trust laws in its casino contracts.

As reported by SBC Americas, it’s an issue that dates back to an attempted deal between Baldini’s Casino in Sparks, NV and Koin over the provision of a digital wallet. 

Following the allegations of terms being violated, Everi escalated the case with Baldini’s to a Nevada state court, where it claimed exclusivity as the property’s cash access provider for digital wallets. 

Following on from this, Koin and Baldini’s filed a motion to dismiss earlier this year, which was largely denied.

Two weeks later, Koin filed suit in Nevada District Court alleging that Everi was committing unlawful restraint of trade through tying practices, exclusive dealing and attempted monopolisation.

Through the lawsuit, the firm has also criticised the ongoing merger with Everi and IGT, warning that it’s a deal which may well increase the casino company’s monopolisation of the industry. 

This week, Everi filed a motion to dismiss the case, firing back at a significant number of Koin’s claims. 

At the heart of Everi’s argument is that Koin makes the faulty assumption that cash access providers and digital wallets are distinctly separate markets. Everi countered that argument, pointing out that many of Koin’s claims that Everi is taking from the company’s digital wallet business indicate that the two businesses overlap.

Everi also took exception to the tying accusations, arguing that just because the company’s partners may choose to make a deal for multiple Everi products, doesn’t mean that the company demanded the products be bundled together.

Koin has until July 22 to respond to Everi’s motion to dismiss.Everi declined to comment to SBC Americas on this story.