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Gaming technology supplier Win Systems has launched Winstats, a addition to its WIGOS system that enables casino management to track key real-time and historical data via mobile devices while away from a venue.

The Winstats app, integrated into the WIGOS casino management system, uses Win Systems expertise in data collation and display, meaning users can filter data by both venue and vendor, with output displayed as interactive charts and reports.

Eric Benchimol, CEO of Win Systems, said: “Winstats’ simple, concise design allows key casino decision makers to simply track large quantities of data while on the move.

“It’s intuitive interface filters information with ease and exhibits it in an uncomplicated manner, perfect for use on a small screen while away from a casino venue,” said Benchimol.

“This tool will provide the peace of mind to managers, knowing that they can make decisions wherever they may be, based on accurate live data, keeping them in better touch with their business’ day-to-day operations.”