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As Japan continues to edge towards the regulation of integrated casino resorts, the government is proposing a plan to set an entrance fee to casinos.

The proposals are that residents of Japan should pay JPY2,000 – around €15 – to enter a casino.

The plan was tabled during a ruling party meeting held in preparation ahead of the likely approval of the bill outlining implementation law in March. This follows the passing of the Casino Promotion bill in December 2016.

Ahead of the March deadline, recent proposals have included restricting the permitted number of casino visits to three times in seven consecutive days and 10 times in 28 consecutive days. Those subject to the regulation would have to observe both the weekly and monthly limits.

Those entering casinos would need to present identification cards while foreign visitors would be exempt.

The likely timetable and roadmap to seeing the first integrated resorts open in Japan was discussed at a session at ICE VOX in early February. Read about the session here.