A Dynamic opportunity for emerging content stars at G2E Asia

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GAMING consultant Dynamic Partners has teamed up with G2E Asia to offer up-and-coming content developers a platform at a Game Development Fair to be held at the May G2E event.

To find out more, CasinoBeats talked to Harmen Brenninkmeijer, managing partner at Dynamic Partners, about the Fair and how companies can get involved.

When and where does the Fair take place and who is it aimed at?

“Dynamic Partners has been based in Hong Kong for five years and has worked with early-stage gaming technology and content companies for many years.

“As such, we have collaborated with the organisers of G2E Asia and identified an opportunity to create an event that provides a platform for a select number of emerging content companies to showcase new or non-commercialised games to an Asia-based audience.

“G2E Asia is providing space, power and furnishings to participating companies free of charge…

“The first Game Development Fair is to be held on Wednesday, May 16, in its own dedicated area of G2E Asia 2018. We are looking to recruit participating companies from within as well as from outside Asia, so we can present as diverse a selection of games as possible.

“G2E Asia is kindly providing the space, power and furnishings to participating companies free of charge, so the only cost to participate will be the cost of attending plus any marketing materials they wish to distribute at the event.

“Anyone wishing to apply to participate should register their details here and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss further.”

Sounds interesting. So what criteria do prospective participants need to meet and how do they apply?

“We are primarily looking to give smaller or newer companies the opportunity to be introduced to an Asia-based audience of operators, distributors and investors. The main selection criteria are based on company size so companies that adhere to one or more of having fewer than 10 people, being younger than three years old or with annual revenues less than US$1m.

“We would ideally like to see the focus on online or land-based games that have so far not been commercialised, especially to an Asian audience. The type of games is important too, as we would like to showcase games that an Asian audience would love to play.”

From where are you hoping to attract applicants?

“Our recruitment of participating companies is focused on developers from Europe and Asia. The European online game development industry is understandably more mature than that in Asia and we want to see if that maturity can add value to the Asia gaming industry from the perspective of early-stage companies. The reason we are focused on early-stage or non-commercialised product is that we feel that young and new companies are often quite advanced in terms of innovation but lack the reach or resources to optimise the promotion of their games.

“Providing this opportunity is fundamental to the Game Development Fair.”

“selected applicants will have an opportunity to present their games to a potential G2E Asia audience of over 13,000 visitors.”

What can participants in the GDF expect to gain from the event?

“Those successful applicants that are selected to participate will have an excellent opportunity to present their games to a potential G2E Asia audience of over 13,000 visitors.

“The organisers of G2E, Reed Expo, will also be driving visitation by promoting the event to their extensive regional database of past and expected visitors. For companies looking to broaden the audience for its content into Asia, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase their games to a targeted audience of operators, distributors and investors.”

Why does G2E Asia represent such a good opportunity for emerging developers?

“Asia is the growth engine for many segments of the global gaming industry. The appetite for all types of product is massive and still growing at a healthy rate, far in excess of more historically established markets. The player bases are potentially much larger than those in more established jurisdictions and the level of market maturity represents an excellent opportunity for emerging game developers to tap into this growth and use innovation to establish a foothold in this highly demanding and rewarding marketplace.”

What will visitors to G2E Asia gain from the Fair?

“Visitors to G2E Asia will benefit from seeing new games for their market and customers in a dedicated environment, as well as being able to speak direct with the people behind the games.

“The opportunity to take advantage and develop commercial will follow, should the content address specific customer needs.”

To register an interest in the Game Development Fair at G2E Asia, follow: https://www.dynamicpartners.co/game-development-fair-2018/