Casinos given green light for sports betting in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has given the green light to sports betting for casino licence holders. Those with casino licences can now begin the submission of petitions requesting approval to conduct sports wagering.

“The actions taken by the board are the first in our efforts to launch sports wagering in Pennsylvania as soon as possible,” said the board’s Executive Director Kevin O’Toole.

“In the coming months, we expect to regularly ask the Board for approval of additional temporary regulations that will move us toward a launch of this new gaming initiative.”

Soon after the ruling was announced, State Representative Frank Farry urged the gaming board in a letter to move quickly in establishing regulations for sports betting in Pennsylvania. He estimated illegal sports betting in the commonwealth could encompass “millions of dollars.”

“We have an opportunity to be on the forefront of a sustainable revenue option that would benefit the state and our communities,” said Farry in the letter, where he made the case that licence fees and tax revenue from sports betting could boost the state’s budget, fund priority programs and create new jobs.

The move comes in the aftermath of PASPA, and the board acted at a public meeting yesterday to pass the first in a series of temporary regulations for sports wagering. The board expects to approve additional regulations at its upcoming meetings.