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Omnia Casino, “the world’s first ever 100% artificial intelligence-built and compliance-led casino,” has gone live, placing customers and responsible gaming at the core of its offering,

The mobile-first casino was founded in December 2017 by a host of senior gaming execs, including Sam Hobcraft, the former Director of Gaming at Betfair and MD of Casino at PokerStars, and aims to offer players “the ultimate fun, rewarding and responsible gaming experience”.

Designing a set of responsible gaming functions, Omnia’s next step is to see players immediately prompted to set a deposit limit upon registering, “ensuring they are safe from the first moment they begin playing”.

Furthermore, amongst its rewards system is Omnia Coins, a loyalty scheme rewarding players for each game played, with coins eligible to be exchanged for features such as free spins, presenting an opportunity to scoop up to £5m.

Hobcraft, the founder of Omnia Casino, explained: “We believe customers deserve a superior, more responsible and fun online casino experience with engaging marketing, huge promotions and value through our Omnia Store. This will offer our players even more fun and excitement with the chance to exchange Omnia Coins for bonuses, and later in the year Omnia will allow players to exchange Coins for electrical items and other merchandise.

“The market today simply doesn’t offer that. The motivation behind building a compliance-led and 100% AI-driven casino was about mindset, and starting as we mean to go on. AI is constantly evolving, and we use it to make the casino a more fun and personalised experience, with a strong focus on compliance.

“We use AI to go above and beyond standard responsible gambling measures, instantly spotting problem gamblers and triggering further responsible gambling features. This instils a very strong sense of trust and transparency with our customers.”

Adding: “It is also about competitive advantage. We immediately present players with responsible gaming features because these players are more loyal. Omnia is a beautifully designed mobile-first casino, where gameplay is significantly enhanced with unique rewards and first-class customer service. It is a casino where everything is as it should be and not hidden away, including withdrawals.

“We want Omnia to be a casino that you would recommend to your friends. There are no blockers, only open doors to fun, transparent and responsible play.”