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Online gaming operator and platform provider Soft2Bet has opened two new offices in the European Union as the company seeks to shift its operations to the EU.

Soft2Bet has recently opened an office in the heart of Bulgarian capital, Sofia, which will serve as an executive management hub where CEO Boris Chaikin is based.

Chaikin said of the move: “Bulgaria has proven itself as a tier-one location for online gaming businesses and we are proud to open the Soft2Bet office in a beautiful aristocratic location in downtown Sofia.

“We are opening this office to host company’s executive management team, as well as have access to top-quality customer support staff, so we can further grow our business in
both B2C and B2B directions.

“The rapid development of Soft2bet is mainly attributed to our flexibility and continuous development of the business network through partnering the main players of the industry,” said Chaikin.

Soft2Bet has also opened a European office in downtown Limassol, on the Mediterranean of Cyprus.

The CEO continued: “After experiencing major growth over the past year, we are committed to become the next big success story in the online gaming industry and we are heading in this direction at a fast pace.

“The new Cyprus office will help the company support that aim,” he said.

As an important financial centre in the Mediterranean, Cyprus attracts a wide range of companies and specialists from around the world.

The new office in Limassol will act as an important hub for partners seeking to expand their business, as well as being a central point of contact with companies working within EU.