Svenska Spel: “We want to make it clear that we are different”

Copyright : amasterpics123 / 123RF Stock Photo

Swedish gambling operator Svenska Spel is launching a new brand campaign starting today, as the organisation aims to position itself ahead of re-regulation of the country’s gaming market next year.

From the turn of next year the Swedish gaming market will see the introduction of new legislation, meaning foreign gaming companies can apply for a licence to offer games within the region.

Welcoming the change through its new campaign, Joakim Mörnefält, communications and sustainability director for Svenska Spel, commented: “Now that we finally compete on equal terms in the gaming market, we want to make it clear that we are different from many other gaming companies.

“We are the whole Swedish people’s gaming company, and this means, for example, that the entire profit returns to the state and benefits society, thus taking social responsibility.

“Everyone may not know what we stand for. With our new branding campaign, we show that it is important which gaming company you choose.”

Via the new concept, Svenska Spel is striving highlight the “unique way” in which it conducts business, where state ownership, social responsibility and proximity to the sporting movement are fundamental aspects of its operation.

Anna Fohlin, marketing manager at Svenska Spel, stated: “Svenska Spel is Sweden’s oldest gaming company, and has made the game popular entertainment by offering games for everyone.

“With the concept ‘The world’s Swedish gaming company’, we want to lift the Swedish way of running gaming companies, that is, reliable, trustworthy and genuine.

“In the concept, we also want to show that we are a caring and inclusive gaming company, everyone is welcome and we have something for everyone.”

Furthermore, through its brand campaign, Svenska Spel is striving to emphasise its Swedish state owned position, which sees “all revenues return to Swedish society”.

“We have a unique position and we take it into the new gaming market. When the other companies are screaming, we want a little more sensible tone,” added Fohlin. “At the same time, we are clear about lifting what we are good at and that we actually see things in a slightly different way. One example is that for us a bonus is not a game bonus, but a bonus that benefits society as a whole.”