Joachim Timmermans, chief product officer at Quickspin, is moving on from the company he co-founded seven years ago with Daniel Lindberg and Mats Westerlund.

Timmermans confirmed he would soon be leaving Quickspin, which was acquired by Playtech in 2016, in a LinkedIn post.

He wrote: “This is my last week at Quickspin, a company I co-founded with Daniel Lindberg and Mats Westerlund now over seven years ago. The company is doing great, we’re growing healthily in both revenues and people. I do however feel that my part has been played, so it’s time to move on.”

Timmermans thanked the Quickspin team for their “commitment and passion” and went on to name-check some of the sector’s most influential figures.

“In our early days, we were lucky to ride the success that was Mirrorball Slots on Facebook; thanks for a great partnership Raf Keustermans, Jodi Moran and Gerald Tan, I personally learned a lot from the social side and enjoyed it very much to work so closely with all of you and everyone else at Plumbee.

“Another milestone in our journey was the relationship with Relax. We needed a platform, they needed customers; we formed the perfect match. Thanks Daniel Eskola for setting up this relationship and Patrik Österåker for the support all these years.”

Timmermans signed off by thanking the operators “who believed in us and supported us over the years, and thanks to all players that have enjoyed our games”.

The outgoing CPO was coy on his next move however, revealing no more than his plans for “a long holiday”.