Gaming content supplier BOSS. Gaming Solutions has recruited payment management system Praxis, which it estimates will increase deposits by more than 15 per cent within three to four months 

Through the expansion of its product offering, BOSS. Gaming is to integrate the ‘Praxis Cashier’ software which is to enhance their customers’ experience when paying for online games, as well as enabling all parties “to enjoy a faster, more seamless and secure payment solution”.

As a result of the agreement, customers will be able to utilise and benefit from in excess of 100 features and options, such as unique limits, risk rules, payout rules, APM geographic rules, graphics, content features and more, with each merchant offering its own modular and customisable payment page.

“BOSS. is thrilled to announce our new collaboration with Praxis. We are pleased to be able to provide our customers with this essential igaming payment solution that is feature-rich and secure,” commented Jeff Letlat, chief executive officer of BOSS. Gaming.

Enabling access to over 300 integrations with payment software providers around the world, BOSS. Gaming to also benefit from ‘Praxis AML,’ a series of anti-fraud settings and risk tools which it is hoped will significantly decrease fraud and risk exposure.

Amit Klatchko, co-founder and director of Praxis, added: “Our goal with BOSS. Gaming is very straightforward. Together, we will work to increase deposits using more processing solutions while decreasing development and maintenance costs. 

“We expect that with mutual cooperation and trust, initial results will be visible within a few months of the first brand going live with Praxis – and are very excited for what the future has in store for the world of igaming.”

Experienced gaming executive Letlat was appointed the new CEO of gaming content supplier BOSS. Gaming earlier this year.

Focused on the business developing a customer-first strategy, he stated: “BOSS. Gaming is not just a well-known figure within the gaming world, but also a company that has a big potential to get itself to the next level, not only from the revenue perspective but the team qualifications as well.”