As the growth of social casino continues on a global scale, KamaGames has added further depth to its roster via the introduction of its new video poker app.

Coming a week after the firm emphasised its commitment to delivering added personalisation to its offering, the new standalone app strives to satisfy existing players whilst also attracting a fresh, new audience.

Available on the App Store and Google Play alongside its flagship Pokerist, which also contains KamaGames’s complete portfolio of social casino games, the firm’s new product launched with three variants and aims reflect the look and feel of traditional Las Vegas machines.

Addressing the launch, and what struggles are evident in ensuring maximum differentiation in new introductions within a saturated environment, Andrey Kuznetsov, KamaGames CEO, explained: “As with any gaming genre, social casino has its limits and at some point there will definitely be a barrier for growth however, we are definitely nowhere near that point and therefore KamaGames will continue to drive social gaming forward, and expanding our portfolio further through product innovation and updates to our existing titles,” he says.

“Social casino has its limits and at some point there will definitely be a barrier for growth”

“The main challenge in doing this is that the majority of users are very fond of classic style gameplay, or a style of gameplay introduced by a market leader that they have grown used to and are comfortable with. Social slots games are a very good example of this, where the operator who is first to market has the potential to set the gameplay standard.  

“The introduction of new gameplay mechanic twists could potentially run the risk of actually making a new game less popular or in some cases, even rejected by the audience. This means we have to be not only thorough in our research for any updates, but also to ensure we continue to listen to our player’s feedback and wherever possible implement their suggestions.

“In addition to the actual gameplay, when it comes to launching games specific to particular regions, it is crucial to go through extensive research to understand all local nuances and the many, many small things that could potentially be the difference between a products success or failure.”

Standing the test of time is one key ambition with new debuts across many industries, with the necessity to truly delve into the requirements of audiences in different jurisdictions essential.

“We know where our audience is and we try to reach it via different platforms”

To this end, Kuznetsov moved on to explain how video poker, as well as future titles and apps, allow KamaGames to attract a new base of players: “We know where our audience is and we try to reach it via different platforms, games and mechanics. We are also engaging a whole new audience by launching our titles into emerging markings such as South Korea and India, as well as advertising and carry out other user acquisition executions through a number of other new advertising platforms too. 

“Our focus always has and always will be on creating the highest quality and best performing games which simply cannot go unnoticed by players, whilst providing them with the widest variety of titles too. This is key when not just maintaining but also growing market share as we of course want to ensure we have the games our users want to play and for them not to look elsewhere.”

Concluding on the thought process behind introducing its new standalone app, and how it helps the company build upon its 2019 core focuses: “Video poker is a long-established and hugely popular element in Las Vegas casinos and at KamaGames, we’re committed to providing the most authentic experience possible. Therefore, we’re thrilled to see the response that this latest standalone app has received from our millions of players.

“It’s certainly helped us build on our global presence in the social casino landscape”

“As with our other top apps, our focus has been on giving players the highest quality of gaming experience possible with a variety of titles, each holding the opportunity for completely different card combinations, gaming experiences and outcomes. 

“This element of variety is partly responsible for success with our other titles and we’re confident that Video Poker will be no different.”

“A core focus for us in 2019 was to create a diverse portfolio of standalone apps that would complement our already existing titles, and the release of video poker is perfectly aligned with this goal. 

“In the short time since launch, it’s certainly helped us build on our global presence in the social casino landscape and we’re looking forward to adding to this offering in the remainder of 2019.”