With daily routines now a thing of the past and the lives, and work habits, of many taking a dramatic shift, CasinoBeats is taking a few minutes out to enjoy a few of the brighter, quirky and touching moments that social media has served up in the last week.

So if you like a good lucky story, fancy a giggle or two or simply need any kind of sporting fix to get over the wave of cancellations, we hope the below satisfies those cravings.

Carefully does it!

Among the many interruptions to everyday life currently underway, gym routines are one such example that has seen countless amounts of creativity in making stay at home life appear as normal as possible. Should this be the path you’re taking, heed the advice from the unlucky individuals below.

Las Vegas

If you didn’t see the news concerning Las Vegas this week, where have you been! Much has been said of Mayor Carolyn Goodman’s interview with US journalist Anderson Cooper, but we’ll let you make up your own minds.

Play time

Picking up on the theme of exercise routines, it isn’t just humans who must be jumping at the chance to get out of the house.

What just happened?

We’re not quite sure what social media personality Danny Duncan was thinking here, but why go through all that effort to just throw it on the floor?

Unforgettable moments

How do you pass the time during lockdown? The following group have been busy recreating some of the football World Cup’s most iconic moments.

Captain Tom

Much has been said regarding the efforts of Captain Tom Moore’s fundraising efforts for the NHS, so here he is receiving a call from cricketing hero and England Captain Joe Root.

The Big Night Spin

As part of its fundraising efforts to support those affected by COVID-19 the BBC held its Big Night In telethon last night, complete with Big Night Spin challenge. This saw professional athletes spin around ten times and then try to complete an action associated with their sport, as seen below.