With daily routines now a thing of the past and the lives, and work habits, of many taking a dramatic shift, CasinoBeats is taking a few minutes out to enjoy a few of the brighter, quirky and touching moments that social media has served up in the last week.

So if you like a good lucky story, fancy a giggle or two or simply need any kind of sporting fix to get over the wave of cancellations, we hope the below bumper edition, due our mandatory hiatus a week ago, satisfies those cravings.

Clever creatures

Ingenuity has come to the fore in many shapes of forms during the recent weeks and months with numerous more example surely set to come, whether that be family pranks, street parties or many more. In the below examples, household pets give specific examples as to how they have been winning amid all the intrusion.

Continuing on a very tenuously similar theme, tricks can come in a multitude of formats – whether that be cleverly entertaining the kids or being confused thanks to an obscured view of the truth.

Sporting section

Very much a mainstay of our quick flash over a variety of social standouts, platforms have been crammed with sporting content as fans strive to fill the void left by global cancellations. The latest smattering of clips comes with the end in sight, as numerous global organisations and leagues strive to introduce a safe resumption of action led by the Bundesliga this weekend. In the below examples we bare witness to the new Shane Warne, a Jose Mourinho Inter Milan insight and lockdown training.

Lockdown lunacy

We end with an insight into the coping habits of some during lockdown. If you have found yourself missing those hectic commutes to and from your place of work, or have gained a whole new level of respect for the teaching community – these are just for you.