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GVC Holdings has completed its largest migration and “one of the final parts of what has been the most complex integration process in the gambling industry to-date”.

Executed on time, on budget and with no disruption to the 25 million Ladbrokes Coral customer accounts that have been moved across, the update follows initial acquisition being secured in 2018. 

Heaving praise on the final migration of 12.5 million being completed on a remote working basis, the “milestone” sees Ladbrokes, Coral, Gala Bingo, Gala Casino and Gala Spins now feature on the GVC platform.

Upon completion of the migration the company has lauded a series of competitive advantages to be felt as a result, including the delivery of greater efficiencies, stability, speed to market, product development and customer propositions.

Furthermore, the group also asserts that the move will enable the firm to deliver a faster adaptation to regulatory changes as well as drive the support of promotion of safer gambling to customers.

Shay Segev, GVC COO, explained: “I am delighted that this critical and hugely complex stage of the Ladbrokes Coral integration process has been completed so successfully. It is a great testament to the sophistication of our technology and the quality of our teams, and it is particularly impressive that they have managed to finalise it during this period of remote working.  It also positions the business even better to emerge from the current crisis from a position of strength.

“The GVC integration model has proved itself time and again to be extremely effective at integrating large-scale operations with minimal disruption to our underlying business. As a result, we are confident in our ability to take advantage of the attractive M&A opportunities which we believe will present themselves to us in the future while further boosting the growth of our existing business.”

The remaining process and back office integrations are now underway, with GVC confident that it remains on track to deliver full annualised synergies of £130m by the end of next year.