Game aggregation is the ideal fit for dynamic slots developers looking to increase scale and scope of distribution and to work with regulated casinos, according to platform and game development studio United Remote.

Speaking to CasinoBeats about the transformation of its aggregation platform following a period of intensive restructuring, United Remote said it had adapted business practices to maximise potential in the ever-changing world of slots, with the range of games and the choice of partner remaining of utmost importance.

Having signed a series of new operator partnerships as part of the restructure, United Remote has developed a portfolio of platform solutions and technology products that includes more than 2,000 carefully curated casino titles from some of the most distinctive game providers in the igaming industry.

In addition, the restructure has resulted in major technology and enterprise investments, with the organisational culture being significantly remodeled to provide added-value to operators.

Discussing the group’s restructure, United Remote Group CEO Jeremy Fall explained that the company has come increasingly to the fore in 2020, with its reorganisation enabling the aggregator to diversify its offering and meet the growing demands for new content.

“As a result of United Remote’s restructuring, we are now able to offer operators rapid diversification of their product offering, as well as to respond to the greater demand for localised content, helping to improve market access and provide supporting features such as the real-time tools, which add considerable value,” he said.

“Following an extensive search for the right talent, we now also have the people who understand how to deliver quality service to combine with the technology and contractual enhancements,” said Fall.

“This is why United Remote is such a rapidly-growing platform and aggregator.”

According to the company, the restructure marks the beginning of ‘a new era’ as it embraces a ‘modern, pioneering and innovative spirit’ from its new Malta Headquarters. This includes the extensive reorganising and redefining of its core offering to reshape the way in which United Remote engages with operators, game partners and other stakeholders.

The company also highlights its onboarded real-time tools, which form part of United Remote’s renewed commitment to be in a position to give operators the necessary resources to drive engagement and boost revenues.

The aggregator explained: “A tie-in with FT CRM is part of the ongoing process to embrace innovation to deliver a sharper response and United Remote took the plunge on the software provider to streamline new integrations and provide operators more profitable real-time data.

“This is all part of upping United Remote’s service to the igaming industry and ensuring the B2B channel is given priority. FT CRM is the first CRM platform built specifically for igaming and allows operators to automate real-time engagements with their players.”

This was supported by its real-time engagement partnership with Competition Labs that, according to the firm, “will bring another layer of high-technology for both sides of the ecosystem” to United Remote’s offering by driving retention, new game adoption and “unlocking the potential of data”.

“Competition Labs have developed and deployed the latest in real-time personal engagement technology, allowing United Remote to further enhance their B2B channel offering to enable partner casinos with state-of-the-art technology in the form of a holistic suite of gamification tools,” the company said.

“Combining ‘big data’’ and machine learning with intimate industry knowledge and insights, CompetitionLabs has a range of missions, achievements, challenges and competitions that can be deployed in real time across a variety of player segments and games to dynamically interact with the market.”

In addition to the aforementioned technology investments and enhancements, United Remote has also been adapting the agreements the company previously had put in place, which it explained has helped with “de-risking the entire enterprise”, and facilitated a particular focus on customer protection.

As an up-and-coming games developer and aggregator, United Remote has taken the strategic decision to align with established aggregators to ensure maximum reach for their content partners including NetEnt, Microgaming and iSoftBet, subsequently allowing them to expand their footprint across multiple jurisdictions.