Argyll ups player monitoring and protection via TruNarrative link-up

Image: Shutterstock

Online gaming operator Argyll Entertainment has partnered with TruNarrative as the firm strives to improve its overall onboarding, compliance and safer gambling processes.

Detailed a commitment to deliver a safe, secure and responsible gaming environment for customers, the partnership follows regulatory guidance issued around affordability and player protection.

TruNarrative’s platform enables businesses to safely, quickly, and compliantly onboard, transact and manage their customers without friction.

Through a single API users can automate customer journeys to digitise KYC, KYB, AML, behaviour monitoring, document verification, AML reporting, fraud detection, credit and affordability checking and full customer management.   

Adam Doyle, head of gaming at TruNarrative, commented: “We are excited to be working with Argyll Entertainment, and look forward to helping them protect their players and grow as a business.

“With access to our affordability and player monitoring capabilities, they will be able to better understand their players spending and affordability, setting triggers to alert when spending or behaviour changes or thresholds are met.”

Via the solution, Argyll will be able to monitor player transactions and behaviour in real time and carry out automated affordability assessments without requiring players to upload excessive documentation.

Furthermore, the operator will be able to build behavioural monitoring, transaction monitoring, affordability and income indicators into their customer journeys.

Within the TruNarrative interface, the firm will also have access to a full case management system for manual review and referrals, and a comprehensive audit trail for instant recall of all data for regulatory purposes.

“We’re really pleased to be working with TruNarrative to deliver a robust solution to effectively monitor and protect our players,” noted Phil Bell, commercial director at Argyll Entertainment

“Player affordability and safety on our sites is our priority and the addition of TruNarrative will help ensure our players continue to enjoy our sites responsibly”

Argyll Entertainment, established in 2016 and recently acquired by Esports Entertainment Group, operates multiple websites including its flagship SportNation brand, with a customer base primarily in the UK and Ireland.