As continued innovation impacts the live casino vertical and, in turn, drives increasing numbers, technological advancements have been embraced to provide an extra surge and result in certain quarters re-imagining where the ‘peak’ lies.  

Here, Andres Rengifo, NetEnt live director, explores the technological developments, such as blue screen and chroma-key, that have made the online experience ever more synonymous with that of the real-life casino tables.

The live casino vertical has thrived due to its innovation. In the last few years, technological advancements have allowed us to offer products that transport players to the real-life casino tables in their own personal environment.

As well as innovative blackjack and roulette formats that have widened accessibility, operators can benefit from customer branded content and environments, flawless and fluid streaming, and high-definition images that make for truly seamless play. But there’s still room to grow. We’re now in the stage of adding the finishing touches to the live casino experience, and the results are game changing.  

If you look back to the live casino portfolios of five years ago, the distance we’ve travelled in such a short space of time is impressive. We first made huge strides with the death of flash and full conversion to HTML5, unlocking a whole new world of mobile play.

The migration allowed for huge gains in the front-end and cross-platform design, enabling us to deliver content that was lightweight and fast with much lower processing power required.

And with these advancements, our offering became as immersive as the land-based experience, presenting players with drastically enhanced user experiences and interfaces that saw the live casino vertical boom. 

But it didn’t stop there. The advancement of chroma-key, pioneered by NetEnt Live, raised the bar even further. The technology enables 3D-branded backgrounds, with crystal-clear live streaming technology, minimal latency and high definition video and audio.

“The distance we’ve travelled in such a short space of time is impressive”

It also includes scalable blackjack games featuring blackjack tables with an unlimited number of players, meaning a seat is always available, while each live casino product presents players with multiple camera angles to display the best view of the action. All of these advancements, meanwhile, can be combined with bespoke branding opportunities for operators. 

Seven years on since its trailblazing introduction, chroma-key is still evolving. Over the last 12 months, we’ve transformed backgrounds from a traditional standalone table to a six-table environment over two rooms.

This not only offers an affordable alternative to dedicated environments through shared network dealers, but also drastically improves the user experience with greater choice. The environment creates greater intimacy by bringing backgrounds closer to the user, so the experience is more akin to that of the land-based environment. 

Another pure innovation that has transformed NetEnt Live is the jump to table feature. This technology, which speeds up the player’s journey from one table to another, has received a widely positive response with improved engagement for our partners.

Yet this is just one example of how, by putting the player at the centre of design upgrades, the live casino offering has stepped up a gear. Combined with new, physical environments that offer the highest quality, and slick new lobbies which improve navigation and usability, chroma-key has built confidence with its approach, making our live casino portfolio highly scalable with much greater choice.

A few years ago, it appeared the sector’s progression had almost reached peak, but the accelerated pace of development over the last 12 months, fuelled by an enthusiasm in the industry to take it to the next level, has been game changing.

The NetEnt Live team has worked tirelessly to transform our portfolio with upgrades that put the player front and centre of each product, with enhanced customisable branding solutions for our partners. The result? A live casino offering that is real, affordable, scalable and flexible.