Poker has undoubtedly earned its place at the top table for most popular card games. But while the game’s popularity appeared to plateau somewhat in recent years, poker is now enjoying something of a second wave driven – in part at least – by the coronavirus pandemic.

While most people tend to associate the term ‘poker’ with the game’s Texas Hold’em format, TVBET has set out to offer a new twist on the game through PokerBet.

Drawing on the game’s original rules, which date back to 1829 when featured in artist Joe Cowell’s memoirs, TVBET will maintain the game’s winning combos list: high card, one pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, royal flush.

However, the new betting on poker concept has promised to differentiate itself from the game that we all know. Players will not sit at a regular or virtual table. Instead, six conditional players will be dealt cards ‘in their hands’.

Players will be able to place bets on the win of one of six hands or a winning combination of the game; such a decision is made based on the dynamics of dealing cards while the betting process is still open.

Unlike the traditional format of poker, TVBET’s PokerBet has no limit on the number of players, with several betting options available to players.

While the number of winning combinations and rounds are exactly the same as the Texas Hold’em format, TVBET expects this new PokerBet format to deliver a plethora of new winning opportunities for both new and old poker players with a range of bonus features.

Rules of the game

The game consists of five rounds, during which the round of accepting bets on hands and combinations is open. Before each ongoing game, a punter may place bets on both the current game and the next odds. The presenter deals 12 cards for each of the six positions, one at a time. When all six hands get by two cards, the game rounds begin.

The game’s first round of betting begins before cards are dealt. In the ‘Bet’ round, players can wager on hands or combinations based on basic odds while bets on future games can also be placed at these odds.

The second round comes next – Preflop. The odds for all positions and hand combinations are updated at this round, and the second betting round begins.

Flop is the third round of betting. After the end of the second round, the dealer cuts one card from the deck and reveals three community cards from the deck at once. The odds for each of the hands and combinations are then updated. Acceptance of bets for the third round opens.

After the third round, the dealer again cuts one card from the deck and opens another fourth card from the deck’s community cards. The odds are updated for each of the hands and combinations, and the fourth round begins.

Occasionally after the flop or the turn has been dealt, some hands and combinations lose any winning chance. Such selections are marked lock and displayed on the screen instead of the odds. 

Some hands may already have the highest combinations possible for the game. Such combinations or hands are marked as ‘win’ and are displayed on the screen instead of odds. Bets will no longer be accepted on outcomes marked as ‘win’ and lock, while participants can place bets on other outcomes without any restriction.

The game is rounded off with the ‘river’ round. In this round, the dealer cuts one card from the deck and reveals another fifth card from the deck’s community cards. The program will then determine the result of the current game.

Discussing the launch of PokerBet, Peter Korpusenko, TVBET’s CEO, stated: “Poker is one of the most popular card games over the globe for sure. TVBET has taken it a step further and offered another option for the game: betting on Poker. This opportunity makes the game even more accessible, involving, and winning. Poker fans will certainly be fond of PokerBet!”