More and more countries around the world are taking a step forward by introducing proper gaming legislation, but the cross-border nature of such legislation can put pressure on the suppliers to adapt their offering to the demands of each individual jurisdiction.

Writing for CasinoBeats, Synot Games COO Milan Zdimal explains how it has embraced this challenge, adding that more transparent, regulated conditions for the operator also leads to increased knowledge about the products – a key driver for the demand of its games.

Growing our presence across the regulated gaming industry has always been a key focus for Synot Games. Quite often, compliance with cross-jurisdictional legislation can often come with its own set of challenges. 

But by adapting to both new and upcoming regulations, we have identified the company’s greatest strength: knowledge and experience which has arisen from our business interactions.

As the more countries begin to open their doors to a regulated gaming environment, along with it comes new opportunities for Synot to expand our offering further afield, having already expanded into Greece and Germany in 2020. 

Adapting to change

The cross-border nature of the gaming industry has, however, meant that our offering must be adapted to ensure that it is in line with each individual jurisdiction. 

We have demonstrated this through our in-house portfolio of games where we have diligently polished each of them to be compliant for each country which we have entered. These top games consist of Respin Joker, Book of Secrets  Fruit Awards, Joker 40, Hunter’s Spirit, Firebird Double 27, Fruity Gold, 6 Fruits, Fruits n Fire, Alchemist’s Gold and Jokers Five.

By adapting our games, we have ensured that we’re offering adequate consumer protection and safe play measures, as well as contributing to the local economy through tax revenues.

Regulated markets create more transparent operating conditions for each company within that market, which in turn leads to increased knowledge about the products – a key driver for the demand of our games.

Gaming as a form of entertainment

Not only this, but a regulated market has wholly positive effects for the end consumer as it reaffirms the perception that online gaming should be considered as a form of entertainment.

It has taught us more about our target players, giving us a greater understanding of how we can meet their demands. By listening more to our players, we have learnt that fruit-based games still remain as popular now as they did several years ago, and that our classic games have had a much greater success rate in markets we didn’t expect.

What next?

At Synot, we have set out a clear growth strategy as we seek to find new opportunities for expansion around the world. 

At the moment, we are waiting on the Hellenic Gambling Commission to approve our games for the regulated Greek market. 

In Germany, meanwhile, we are currently abiding by the rules of the tolerance period, in which all providers and operators can engage with the market provided they adopt the new regulatory measures inbound for June 15, 2021.

As soon as we receive the necessary certifications from the regulators, we will continue to expand our offering into markets and supply our games to Greek and German players. 

In the next few years, we will also be applying for game certifications in the Netherlands and Switzerland, establishing our presence in even more licensed gaming jurisdictions. 

But as we continue to grow our global footprint, one thing that is for sure is that Synot Games will be taking all of the necessary precautions to ensure that we are compliant with all of the latest responsible gaming guidelines. 

These measures have been introduced to protect our players, which for us is a top priority and integral to maintaining an entertaining user experience.