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Young Gamers & Gamblers Education Trust and suicide prevention charity Papyrus have lauded the signing of a ‘unique partnership,’ designed to raise awareness of the harms affecting young people.

Uniting via a mission to keep young people safe, members of both teams have subsequently undertaken educational workshops to help young people understand the potential risks and prevent future generations experiencing harm. 

Ged Flynn, chief executive of Papyrus, said: “We are proud to be working in partnership with YGAM and are looking at ways in which we can come together to support young people. We hear from young people every day on our helpline HOPELINEUK who are struggling with thoughts of suicide. 

“Whilst there is never one sole reason that may lead a young person think suicide is an option, we know that gaming and gambling can be a contributory factor for some.

“By working in partnership with YGAM we are able to better understand how gaming and gambling can impact on a young person’s mental health and offer the appropriate support. We know that this partnership will help to save lives.”

The team at YGAM have now received SP-ARK training from Papyrus, which has enabled the firm to reflect on their personal and organisational approach to discussing and reducing the stigma surrounding suicide in day-to-day life. 

Furthermore, members of the Papyrus team have also undergone YGAM’s free training, which covers information on gaming and gambling harms and discusses the effects it can have not just on the individual, but on their family and friends around them. 

Sandy Thompson, YGAM education manager for Greater London, added: “It was fantastic to train more of our colleagues from Papyrus, working together to continue our shared commitment to improve young lives by increasing awareness around these crucial issues. 

“Papyrus provide vital support to young people struggling with thoughts of suicide, whilst also engaging and building awareness in communities, and training organisations and groups. Working together in partnership is a crucial step in highlighting these important areas and continuing to provide the support and information that our young people desperately need.”