Among a very challenging year for various well documented reasons, Synot Games ended the year on a euphoric high as it claimed the Rising Star in Casino Innovation/Software at the SBC Awards last month. 

Commenting on what the award meant for the company, Synot CCO, Martina Hrabinská, noted: “This is one of those reaffirming moments that put a big ‘way to go’ sticker on your work, especially since 2020 was so challenging. 

“It is rewarding to reap the fruits of your day to day labour. We have come a long way since we started, and we are happy that the goals we set for ourselves are being met.” 

Hrabinská attributed the company’s success to its ‘ever-growing’ portfolio of games which she claimed Synot are ‘very proud of’.

She continued: “With each day our brand becomes more recognisable with its in house production of games from code to sound. The energy we put into each detail from graphics to overall playability is one of the key ingredients we add to all our games. 

“Keeping our motto in mind ‘games for true players’ has brought us a long way. This has also become our best strategy, as it was the player community which made us the stars we are today.”

Reflecting back on the previous 12 months, which included many well documented hurdles, the industry found itself adapting and changing consistently. Hrabinská claimed Synot were ‘no exception to this rule’.

“Our greatest challenge was our land-based division as the lockdowns and safety measures across different jurisdictions had greatly affected casinos around the world,” noted Hrabinská.

Our roadmap for 2021 is full of surprises”

“We were able to make internal changes which shifted the focus of our teams more towards online game development and overall maintenance. Thanks to that we did not face any layoffs or major losses. We hope next year will be safer and business will stabilise for all of us.”

Entering 2021, Hrabinská hopes that the industry sees a re-introduction to travel and face-to-face meetings and conferences. 

Alongside the personal touch, Synot Games has expressed anticipation in increasing its catalogue of slot titles on its platform and to its players. 

“We are most looking forward to all the games we have been preparing to release in 2021. We are excited to have feedback coming in from the players,” Hrabinská concluded.

“In the upcoming year we will be adding some thrilling games to our portfolio and doing more work around player retention. We hope to launch the new Synot Progressive Bonus feature with multiple providers very soon, which will be a great milestone for us. We have been preparing this feature since the start of 2020 and are pretty excited to see it rolled out globally. 

“Apart from that, we plan to work on new promotional tools for operators and award players with many more exhilarating bonuses.

“Our roadmap for 2021 is full of surprises. Fans can look forward to a mix of revamped top titles as well as brand new hits coming to online and brick and mortar casinos. Online fans can look forward to regular releases, with a new game coming each month.”